Don Toliver Previews A New Song With A Classic Snoop Dogg Sample

Don Toliver is instantly recognizable. He has one of the most distinct voices in all of hip-hop, and the ability to sound good alongside pretty much anybody. Metro Boomin called Toliver the Nate Dogg to his Dr. Dre, and the comparison has been apt so far. Toliver recently teased a new song during a live show, and he sampled a different member of Death Row. A different member of the Dogg family, actually. Don Toliver flipped a classic Snoop Dogg record and fans are itching to find out when it’ll officially drop.

The song is titled “Attitude,” and Toliver hyped up the crowd right before playing it. “If you got a shot or something, you better drink that motherf*cker,” he stated. “I’m ready to go up.” The DJ then cuts in the iconic Snoop Dogg and Pharrell single “Beautiful.” Toliver’s version starts off the same, with Pharrell’s isolated vocals, but the rest of the song is completely different. “Attitude” chops up the Pharrell vocals with some glitchy trap drums, and the effect is mesmerizing. Don Toliver doesn’t even bother singing at first, he just lets the beat shine.

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Don Toliver Flips The Chorus To Snoop’s “Beautiful”

“Attitude” is produced by Cash Cobain and features backing vocals from Charlie Wilson. That’s the way the song has been credited so far, at least. It’s unclear whether Uncle Wilson contributed new vocals to the song, or if he’s credited because he appeared on the original Snoop Dogg song. Either way, the live snippet has gone viral on social media, with some claiming that Don Toliver has a potential “song of the summer” on his hands. It’s hard to disagree once one listens to “Attitude.”

Don Toliver and Cash Cobain aren’t the only artists who have flipped “Beautiful” in recent years. The 1998 smash served as the musical basis for Jack Harlow’s 2022 album cut “Side Piece.” The general consensus among fans, however, was that Harlow’s take was too reliant on the original, and failed to carve out its own sound. Cobain’s flip on “Attitude” sounds inspired by comparison.

Toliver has been teasing the release of his upcoming album since March, and it’s safe to assume “Attitude” will make the cut.

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