DJ Akademiks Isn’t Happy With Lil Yachty’s Stance On Drake & Kendrick Lamar, Says Drake Needs A “Delusional” Friend

DJ Akademiks doesn’t think Lil Yachty is the type of friend Drake needs right now and instead wishes the Toronto rapper had a “delusional” friend who would back him up no matter what the context. He made the comments in response to Yachty discussing the feud on his A Safe Space podcast and admitting he has respect for both Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

“Yachty, and I f*ck with you, but I gotta agree with this fan,” he began, referencing a user critiquing Yachty for not sticking up more for Drake. “If I’m Drake, I need a delusional friend with me. I need the friend that I’m mad drunk in the club with and I’m stumbling all over the place and I stepped on somebody’s foot by mistake but then that person shoves me and rather than tryna figure it out like, ‘Oh, actually you stepped on his foot first,’ my delusional friend just comes over my shoulder with a punch. ‘Why the f*ck you touching Ak?!’ We can talk about the other sh*t later my n***a. I need my delusional friends right now. That’s what we need. I’ma keep it a bean, Drake needs one of those.” From there, Akademiks argued Drake needs to start making some new friends.

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Drake & Lil Yachty Attend 21 Savage’s Freaknik22: The Sequel

ATLANTA, GA – OCTOBER 22: Drake and Lil Yachty attend 21 Savage’s Freaknik22: The Sequel at Underground Atlanta on October 22, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/ GettyImages)

Lamar actually name-drops Yachty on his diss track, “Euphoria,” accusing him of ghostwriting for Drake. He admitted on his podcast that he wasn’t happy with the mention. “So many people kept calling and texting me with excitement of my name being used and for me it kinda just felt like… I really didn’t want anything to do with it,” Yachty confessed. “I got a ton of respect for both of these guys. Honestly, it was a cool thing to watch. I learned so much. It was an honor and blessing to be able to experience it firsthand.”

Akademiks Speaks On Lil Yachty & Drake

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