Childish Gambino Announces Release Date For New Single “Lithonia”

Donald Glover is one of the busiest men in Hollywood. He’s an actor, writer, producer, director, and he’s returning to music after four years off. Glover announced that his upcoming album will be his last under the Childish Gambino moniker that made him famous. As a swan song, expectations couldn’t be higher. The details surrounding the album have been scarce, but Gambino is finally getting the ball rolling. Not only did he announce a new single, but he gave a release date that’s right around the corner.

Childish Gambino teased the album via billboard on June 24. These billboards featured the rapper’s name along with the phrase “Bando is coming.” The phrase is in reference to the album’s title, Bando Stone in the New World. Shortly after these billboards surfaced, however, Gambino took things a step further by announcing the lead single. The song will be called “Lithonia” with a subtitle in parenthesis that reads: “Nobody Gives a F*ck.” It will be released on July 2, which is exactly seven days removed from the day it was announced.

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Childish Gambino’s New Single Will Drop On July 2

Childish Gambino’s decision to release a single on a Tuesday is unique, to say the least. Most singles come out on Fridays, especially singles from crossover stars with number one hits under their belt. It’s clear from the promotion, however, that Gambino has a specific vision in mind for Bando Stone. He made reference to this vision during an E! News interview in 2023. Despite starring in two different TV shows, Gambino was compelled to create music after taking such a long hiatus.

“I’m making music right now, I love it,” he told the outlet. “I’m actually working, I’m in the studio. I’ve been bringing people in, like secret people, working on little things. But I just been, you know, making it for fun right now. But soon something will happen, I promise. Something will happen.” Bando Stone in the New World is billed as a “soundtrack,” which is something Childish Gambino has flirted with in the past. The 2013 album Because the Internet was packaged with a screenplay in which scenes were meant to be listened to with specific songs from the album. We’re eager to see how “Lithonia” fits into the concept.

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Updated: June 26, 2024 — 3:02 am