Cardo Claims That He’s Finishing Up Work On Playboi Carti’s Album

Playboi Carti is the most mysterious man in hip-hop. Yes, Kendrick Lamar is extremely secretive about his release schedule, but Parti like to keep fans waiting for years. He’s been teasing the release of his third album, tentatively titled MUSIC, since 2021. If we’re to take producer Cardo at his word, however, the wait for new Carti is almost over. Cardo recently talked about the recording process for the album, and claimed that it was nearing an end.

Cardo recorded himself talking about his upcoming plans on July 3. The producer revealed that he was going to Atlanta to “finish up” Playboi Carti’s anticipated album. The other person in the room asks how the recording process has been going, and Cardo admits that it hasn’t been easy. “I don’t know, man,” he explains. “It’s been going crazy. That’s all I know… In a good way. It’s been crazy fun.” He noted that he’s unaware of what Carti will do at a given time. He could drop a song that Cardo produced at random, or it will never see the light of day.

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Cardo Has Been Working On The Album For Four Years

The real kicker came when Cardo was asked how long he’d been working on the album. “For like four years,” he revealed. “Me and him have been working on this album for a good four years.” The timeline adds up with regards to the album’s announcement. It’s also humorous to know that people in Playboi Carti’s inner-circle are just as unsure of what he will do as the fans. Cardo has known Carti for almost a decade, and their collaborations have been consistently strong. The producer spoke on their unique chemistry during a Billboard interview in April.

Cardo hesitated to get too specific about their process, but he did say that him and Carti are musically aligned most of the time. “That’s my little brother, man,” the producer gushed. “Just being around him, the young one, you know, and gaining some kind of different kind of energy and inspiration from what he’s doing. Seeing what levels he’s going on. It kind of gives me an idea of what levels I should just keep going. That’s how we’re creating all these fun records.” We hope, for Cardo’s sake and the fan’s, that the album drops soon.

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Updated: July 4, 2024 — 3:03 am