Afr!Ca Haus Celebrates Black Creators; Announces Two New Initiatives at Inaugural Brunch

For decades, Blacks have created music, TV and film content that radically impacts cultures not only in America but all throughout the world. But the question on the floor has always been, “Do we capture the wealth that we create?” 

Franklin ‘Twizz’ David, Angelica ‘Angie’ Nwandu, Audu Maikori(1)
Africa Haus 2024 in Hollywood, California. Image: Yuki Tomita.

Co-founders Audu Maikori and Franklin ‘Twiz’ David are finding answers through Afr!Ca Haus, their organization that culturally unites and empowers Africans, Caribbeans and African American creatives. Understanding the importance and the power of Black creators worldwide, Afr!Ca Haus was in Hollywood Hills for BET Weekend to celebrate, elevate and connect. The powerful brunch brought together some of the most important current figures in music today with the mission to come and build together to create more leverage and opportunities.

The star-studded line-up of guests included the 2024 BET international nominees BK, Focalistic and UK recording artist and actress Bellah, who was nominated for the 2024 BET Viewer’s Choice: Best New International Act. She spoke about her love for the diaspora and why.

“Afr!Ca Haus is about unity and celebration. I think it’s so important for the entire diaspora – African Americans, Black British people, Africans and Caribbeans to be amongst us and celebrate Black people because that’s essentially what unifies us and we are all the same deep down and we connect to each other soul to soul.” 

Marcus Lomax and Eric Bellinger
Marcus Lomax and Eric Bellinger. Image: Yuki Tomita.

African American musicians and producers like Eric Bellinger, Rocc Star and Marcus Lomax were also in the building. YG Marley, who joined Lauren Hill on stage at the 2024 BET Awards, spoke exclusively with EBONY about capturing the wealth that he creates. “Owning your music is the first, that’s the most powerful thing. It’s important because you don’t want anybody to own you. You’re not a slave, you don’t work for anybody but yourself. That’s the way it’s supposed to be; you work for yourself, your children, and those after you.”  

Africa Haus 2024 in Hollywood, California. Image: Zay Monae.
Africa Haus 2024 in Hollywood, California. Image: Zay Monae.

To celebrate what will be the 20-year anniversary of Nigeria’s longest-running record label, Chocolate City Music Group, Afr!Ca Haus co-founder Maikori announced the Founders Found and Nutrybe Academy. “The idea is that we’re putting together a fund to raise and empower the next of runners, 50% of this fund will go to female entrepreneurs starting their own music businesses and media companies,” Maikori told the elevated crowd as they stood in awe at the top of Hollywood Hills.  

For Maikori, Black ownership is at the core of Afr!Ca Haus initiatives and events. The conversation of capturing the wealth that Blacks create continues to resound throughout the diaspora. “The idea basically is that the natural talents and skills and the things that we call cultural heritage of people have the opportunity to create wealth for these individuals and we believe that two or three Black, Brown or whatever people are gathered there is an opportunity to make the money. What we find is that for most Blacks, we are the ones creating value for the creative economy but we are not the ones capturing the value.

Africa Haus 2024
Africa Haus 2024 in Hollywood, California. Image: Zay Monae.

Since its conception in 2023, Afr!Ca Haus has partnered with Macro Studios for the Sundance Film Festival. For two consecutive years, the platform curated fireside chats and discussions with filmmakers from Nigeria, Barbados, the Caribbean and the U.S. to discuss investment opportunities in the film sector and the need for collaboration.  

“Through the Afr!Ca Haus platform, we have launched a series of high-level cultural events that bring people of a certain caliber and a level in their careers that are now moving from just creating content to actually owning and being able to leverage that for economic prosperity for our communities,” Maikori concludes. 

Updated: July 3, 2024 — 6:04 pm