The Game Destroys Rick Ross On New Diss Song “Freeway’s Revenge”

The Game loves to battle. Few popular rappers have picked more fights than the Compton spitter. He went at 50 Cent, he disrespected Dr. Dre, and he penned a ten-minute song aimed at Eminem called “The Black Slim Shady.” Anybody can get it as far as Game is concerned, and Rick Ross is his latest target. Game had been throwing multiple shots at Ross this past week. He clowned Ross’ weight and posted an AI photo of the boss running on his Instagram Story. There looked to be a rap battle on the horizon and Game confirmed it on May 10 with “Freeway’s Revenge.”

The Game does not waste any time playing nice. The literal opening lines of the song see him rap about cutting Rick Ross’ stomach open and stuffing bricks in it. It’s a horrifying visual, and a clever riff on the Miami rapper’s imagined kingpin persona. “I can see the b*tch in him,” Game raps with seething anger. “You 12 lemon pepper wings away from a heart attack.”

Once again, he goes at Ross’ weight, and ties things back to the aforementioned AI photo. Rozay is running, like we said, but he’s also dressed like a corrections officer outfit and ducking a cop while carrying a bucket of chicken. Subtle? Nope. Effective for a diss? Of course.

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The Game Uses Rick Ross’ Own Flow To Diss Him

The Game then proves that he’s been keeping tabs on the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle by making reference to DJ Akademiks and Kai Cenat. Both streamers have been instrumental in covering the big battle of 2024, and it sounds like the Compton rapper wants some of the action. “Akademiks, get this n**ga Ozyempic starter pack,” he spits. “Kai Cenat, hit the room, turn that stream on.” The Game also references Drake and Kendrick Lamar by name. “This ain’t the Kendrick beef,” he adds. “My Drake sing song shots ring out.”

The rapper regains his focus during the second half of the diss, thankfully. He stops name-dropping other people and lays into Ross over his law enforcement past. He also pulls out a trick he used on the Eminem diss by emulating Rozay’s voice and referencing the rapper’s old lyrics. The instrumental switch furthers the menacing vibe, sounding like the sort of lavish beat the MMG boss usually raps over himself.

The Game doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know about Ross, but it is a pretty entertaining diss. Let’s see where it goes.

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Updated: May 10, 2024 — 3:04 am