Telfar’s Latest ‘EID Drop’ Is More Than a Restock and Is Supplying Fashion With A Purpose

For their latest bag restock, Telfar is standing in solidarity with the fight for Palestinian liberation.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the Black-owned brand announced that all sizes and colors of its iconic shopping bags would be restocked for 24 hours, and 10% of all proceeds would go towards Palestinian liberation.

This comes just two weeks after the recent Israeli attack on tent camps in Rafah, which Israel previously declared to be a safe zone for Palestinians. The bombings sparked global outcries and increased pleas for a World Court Order to cease Israel’s assaults on Palestinian civilians.

The recent attacks are the latest in a series of tragedies that have taken place since Oct.7 that have killed over 34,000 Palestinians, many of which were civilians.

This “EID drop” restock will allocate ten percent of all proceeds to Palestinian liberation and is shaping up to be one of the most impactful retail drops of the year, a point emphasized by fan and customer reactions in the comments.

“This is what we want to see. Thank you, Free Palestine,” shared one user.

“The most inclusive and supportive brand everrr! TELFAR,” wrote another.

The brainchild of Liberian-American fashion designer Telfar Clemens, Telfar soared to popularity with its hero shopper bag, aka the “Brooklyn Birkin,” and has been regarded as a progressive and inclusive brand from the jump and as much can be seen in their brand motto — not for you, for everyone. 

Other Black-owned brands that have been fiscally supportive of the Palestinian people include fellow cult-fave brand Topicals. The culture-centric beauty brand donated a portion of their proceeds from their internet famous Slick Salve Mint Balm to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF).

For those looking to get their first or 50th Telfar bag, this EID drop is a great chance to do so while supporting a great cause, with the restock available until 12:00 PM June 7. Delivery by Eid-Al Adha is not guaranteed, but all orders will be shipped within 14 business days.

Updated: June 6, 2024 — 3:02 pm