Ghetto Gastro is Taking Our At-Home Breakfast Options to New Levels with Target Launch

Operating by the motto, “break bread to break the mold”, the team behind Ghetto Gastro has always elevated the way the world views Southern Black culinarians—and food as a whole. Now, the brand is ready to turn the oven up a little by teaming up with big box retailer, Target.

Now in stores, Ghetto Gastro has launched its first nationwide collection with Target, which features an assortment of breakfast food items that are sure to help you break your fast with flavor. Calling it Bronx magic for your cabinet; there are 9 all-new flavor-forward, health-conscious staples for a feast anytime you want to eat. Pancake & waffle mixes, maple syrups, and toaster pastries that take your kitchen from zero to a hundred, real quick.

“With this collection, we’re bringing our unique flavors and experiences to a wider audience, breaking down barriers and celebrating the richness of our communities. We’re building a bridge that connects cultures, one delicious bite at a time,” said Jon Gray, Co-founder and CEO of Ghetto Gastro

The great thing about it is, even if you’re on a budget, the items are all under $10. So you can literally whip up an entire gourmet—and Black-owned—meal for next to nothing. Below, check out some of the options featured in the new launch.

GUEST_2a217694-0a67-4c5c-bd7e-5df5e213e5f8 copy

Ghetto Gastro
Strawberry Pancake & Waffle Mix

Price: $7

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GUEST_6edff0d6-25af-4771-bb6e-d18f6f589f73 copy

Ghetto Gastro
Maple Apple Syrup Toaster Pastries

Price: $6

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GUEST_c0c7620a-8767-47f2-aa75-ec470097cb92 copy

Ghetto Gastro
Spicy Maple Syrup

Price: $10

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Updated: July 31, 2023 — 3:02 pm