Exploring the Best of Sydney, Australia During the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is in full swing, and the United States is looking to make history with a three-peat. Winning both the 2015 and 2019 tournaments, the USWNT is favored to take it all during the matches in Australia and New Zealand. Lead by powerhouses Trinity Rodman and Sophia Smith, fans from all over the world will make their way to several stadiums in the region, including in Sydney, to see the teams go head-to-head.

Sydney, Australia is a fascinating destination. While there is certainly a complex past that must always be mentioned—including the dark history of the region’s aboriginal people—the country and continent is still worth the visit. So, whether you are gearing up to make the trek down under for the 2023 Women’s World Cup or you simply have Australia on your travel bucket list, we’ve rounded up some of the best things to see and do while there.

The author in front of the Sydney Opera House. Image: Courtesy of DeAnna Taylor.

Must see and do in Sydney

You’ve made the long journey, so it’s only right that you see the iconic Sydney Opera House. Located along Circular Quay, the Australian landmark is always a popular spot for those looking for photo proof that they visited. Within that same waterfront area, you can take a scenic boat ride from one end of the wharf to the other. The ride provides up close views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well.

Another must-visit landmark is Bondi Beach. While there are a few public beachfronts around the city, this is easily the most popular. While there, check out the colorful mural wall that separates the beach from the boardwalk. Many of the paintings were commissioned by local artists, and they change often.

Bondi Beach. Image: Courtesy of DeAnna Taylor.

For the true street art lovers, the Newtown neighborhood is an eclectic area, with dozens of larger-than-life murals gracing its walls and building. Many visitors create their own self-guided art walk, and there are tons of maps online that show the different streets and alleys to stroll down for the best photos and pieces.

For a little turn up, be sure to follow Homebase Sundaze to see when their next party will be. What many don’t know is that Sydney has a thriving Black and African expat community, and this party series has become their safe space to let their hair down. Additionally, the annual Africultures Fest is a can’t miss. The event celebrates all things about the Mother Continent; from food, fashion, music and everything in between.

Attendees at Africultures Festival. Image: Courtesy of DeAnna Taylor.

When it comes to cuisine, there is certainly a melting pot of flavors to indulge in. But, if you really want to try something “local” we suggest Kangaroo (sorry to our vegan readers). Usually prepared like steak, many restaurants across the city offer it up on menus. Our favorite spot where we tried it was The Meat & Wine Co.

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Updated: July 29, 2023 — 6:01 pm