Danielle Brooks Shares How She Balances Motherhood and Her Career—Plus Her Sweet Letter to Daughter Freeya

“Motherhood is truly my first and most important job,” actress Danielle Brooks tells EBONY during our Zoom conversation. Coming straight from her special “Love the Change” Mother’s Day event with Pampers Swaddlers 360, the Color Purple starlet dawned a stunning powder blue ensemble with matching lace gloves.

“The event was beautiful. Mothers got to share and be vulnerable about what it’s like to be a mom. I love spaces like that.”

A mom to 4-year-old daughter Freeya, Brooks couldn’t help but dote on her little one. Starting from her days of having to change her Pampers as a newborn and infant to now watching her grow up before her eyes, the South Carolina native got a little emotional reflecting on motherhood.

With such a busy and demanding schedule—especially after the lengthy press run for The Color Purple and even wrapping up filming for her latest project, Minecraft, in New Zealand—EBONY wanted to know her process for balancing it all.

“There’s nothing like a mother’s love and being there with her every chance that I can. But we have a beautiful community and tribe that help us with her when we [my husband and I] have to go out of town. I’m so glad I didn’t have to give up my career. I know a lot of moms are fearful of that when we get into this industry. But I actually worked more, and I am glad to be that example that you can work, be a mother and beautiful wife, and still pour into yourself at the same time.”

In her household, she and her husband ensure that they don’t go longer than a month without being together as a family of three. There is also FaceTime as well as scheduled trips to her various set locations when needed. And, despite it all, the Orange is the New Black breakout star wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Motherhood has pushed Brooks to truly reflect on herself and the choices that she makes as a parent—something she admits has been one of the most rewarding parts of the job. It allows her to revisit her own childhood and constantly strive to be better for her daughter as her she grows and steps into being her own person. Part of that is instilling lifelong gems in Freeya.

“I want her to remember to care for other people and that nobody is better than anyone else. That is something I very much believe in, especially as someone who is considered a celebrity,” Pampers advocate Danielle Brooks explains. “It’s important to make everyone feel special and I want her to remember that. But also I want her to celebrate herself while celebrating others. You can know that you are great and someone can be just as great without it taking anything from you.”

With Mother’s Day approaching, Brooks shared her excitement for what the special day could bring for her as far as gifts, especially now that Freeya is able to write the word ‘mom’ on her own. Before we wrapped our touching conversation, we asked the mom of one to write a personal love letter to her baby on-camera.

“I am beyond proud of you little one. For making up your bed, working on your attitude, and staying away from people who get you in trouble at school. Good job. Mommy is proud of you.”

Danielle Brooks

“That’s what I would say, because it can get hard for her when I’m not there,” she says emotionally. “That’s where children’s behavior can come into question because they are longing for more love and attention. Like I mentioned earlier, there is nothing like a mother’s love. So I am just very proud of her for being a good little girl even when mommy can’t always be there.”

Updated: May 10, 2024 — 6:03 pm