Chrisean Rock Brings Her Pregnant Energy To The Stage On “Crazy In Love”

Through the reality TV show “Crazy In Love,” audiences have seen Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship evolve in both nasty and heartening ways. Given how volatile, outspoken, and blunt both personalities are, that duality took over the narrative in their history. However, a lot of people grew tired of the same old tropes and movements, pointing to the constant negativity as a reason to tune out. Drama filled up every corner of their interactions, whether between each other or expanding it to other figures in their lives. On the latest episode, though, fans at least got some more vibrant content to latch onto.

Moreover, Chrisean Rock hit the stage to perform her song “vibe” in Miami for a fight night in the new episode. In fact, the episode shows how she spoke to Blueface nervously before it was time to walk out and impress the crowd. Think what you will of the show and track themselves, but you can’t deny that the “Baddies” star brought a lot of energy with her vocals and attitude. What’s more is that she didn’t appear fazed or any less invigorated performing despite the baby bump that was on full display.

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Chrisean Rock’s “Crazy In Love” Performance

Now, we know that the baby bump is no longer there, as Chrisean Rock welcomed her child with Blueface into the world on Sunday (September 3). That’s been another weird part of “Crazy In Love”: seeing Blue and Rock in one timeline while another develops in the current day. Regardless, we know that it hasn’t been an easy postpartum process for the Baltimore native, and it’s only been a little over 24 hours. Via Twitter, she shared that she doubled down on not inviting the California rapper to the hospital to be there for her birth.

“I simply ain’t invite him I went to my city to have my child,” she wrote. “None of you weird a** ppl ain’t finna be around my son. I’m all he got I’ma do everything I can to protect him from hate and jealousy or anything. His name is Chrisean and he will be loved n respected [100 emoji].” On that note, stay logged into HNHH for the latest news and updates on Chrisean Rock.

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Updated: September 5, 2023 — 3:02 am