Britney Spears’ Stripper Pole Video Earns Her Hilarious Nickname From Plies

There’s no one doing it quite like Britney Spears. The years since the “Womanzier” hitmaker regained freedom from her conservatorship have seen plenty of ups and downs, but through it all, she’s been consistent with one thing – dancing. Seeing as she’s been in the industry for most of her life, it’s no surprise that performing brings Spears a sense of comfort. She has a habit of sharing videos on Instagram that show her grooving along to both popular new releases and throwback hits. The pop sensation is often scantily clad in these videos, and this past weekend, we saw one of her most provocative clips to date.

Spears boldly added a stripper pole to her usual set-up, spinning around on it in a tiny leopard-print bikini while “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails blasts in the background. Seeing as Plies has been hyping the former child star up for the past few weeks, we’ve been anticipating his reaction to Brit’s antics. Thankfully, they arrived on Monday (August 14) afternoon, and were just as entertaining as we expected them to be. “There she go!” the rapper squealed with delight while showing off his favourite girl.

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Plies Loves Him Some Britney Spears

“Wahoo! There she go! Oh ho! That muthaf**ka look like Diamond from ‘The Players Club’! Look!” he added, referring to LisaRay McCoy’s character from the 1998 film. “My white diamond! Come on, white diamond! Whoo hoo! Throw that little pw**sy! Throw that little pw**sy, Brit! Brit! You know what I’m waitin’ on, Brit! Brit! Go to pound town, Brit!” When Spears makes his dreams come true by spreading her legs in front of the camera, Plies drops his phone out of sheer excitement, making viewers of his post laugh along with him.

When she’s not busy entertaining Plies and the rest of the world with her dance moves, Britney Spears fans have been happy to see her back in the studio. She most recently reconnected with for “Mind Your Business.” Tap into that at the link below if you didn’t last month, and come back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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Updated: August 16, 2023 — 3:01 am