All the Black Designers Showing at New York Fashion Week Thus Far

The preliminary CFDA New York Fashion Week calendar was released yesterday, and it’s a sign that summer will soon officially be over. The NYC stop commences the month-long fashion race in cities like London, Milan, and Paris respectively. In recent years, many designers have opted out of showing during NYFW in an effort to cut costs.

The spring/summer season in the fashion world is always right after the actual summer season is over, so it’s still hot outside. Luckily, you don’t have to be bundled up and layered in sweaters and coats during the many shows. Instead, you can throw on a t-shirt, jeans, and sandals and go.

From runway shows, presentations, appointments and digital releases—the slated Black designers will need our support this season. Though we’d love to see more Black brands showing during Fashion Month as a whole, the ones who will be in the mix, will get our full support. After all, it’s hard to be a designer in this climate, let alone a Black designer.

With funding being one of the biggest hurdles to get over, we hope that more Black celebrities and Fortune 500 executives who don’t mind dropping a bag with a white-owned brand, will wake up and invest in some of these dope Black designers who ‘got the sauce’ and can run circles around some of their peers.

Of course, as the weeks go by more Black brands will pop up on the CFDA and IMG calendars, and we’ll be sure to update this list once they do. Here is a list of Black-owned brands slated to participate in New York Fashion Week thus far.

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Updated: July 27, 2023 — 9:02 am