7 Self-Love Books to Kick Off Your Empowerment this Fall

In a world that often demands Black women and men to only stand on a foundation of strength and toughness, we invite you to rediscover and celebrate your power, rooted in the authenticity of your emotions, the depth of your compassion and the beauty of your dreams.

While you’re bundling up this fall, lighten the load by letting go of some of the frustration and worries in your life to experience a life of ease, enjoyment and empowerment. These seven reads will aid your sacred exploration of self-love and self-acceptance, allowing you to fully embrace life’s fierce and gentle moments.

Be Right Or Be Effective_Amazon

Be Right or Be Effective: A 30-Day Journey to Master Life Messes and Overcome Unexpected Challenges
Phyllis D Braxton
In this highly effective and interactive journal (in power girl pink!), author Braxton give attainable action steps to unleash your best and highest self. Author Braxton says she was inspired to write BROBE to break her “own cycle of imposter syndrome” and “embrace radical acceptance.” A great blueprint to greatness for all who have been paralyzed by unhealthy relationships, career fatigue and putting themselves and their dreams last.

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I Am My Affirmations_.Amazon

I Am My Affirmations. Emotional Self Care for Black Women
Regina Thompson
The rest of this book’s title says it all: “A Guided Journal for Self-Esteem & Peace: Daily Prompts, Powerful Quotes and Positive Affirmations to Provide Relief from Anxiety and Stress.” This journal allows you to dive into Dive into five sections that guide you through the depths of your emotional self-discovery.

Price: $12

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Girl Bye_Amazon

Girl, Bye! 10 Lies Women Think and Tell Themselves About Men
Ria Rai Harris
Having certain mindsets can impact how some women operate to obtain a romantic relationship and partner. Author Harris addresses the fallacies that quite a few women believe and offers truths to combat those falsehoods. “Having a conversation in print about thse pitfalls hopefully enlighten some women about their thought processes and help others recognize and avoid those hazardous frames of mind.”

Price: $20

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breathe. a guided healing journal for black men
Brennan Allan Steele
For Black men, just breathing has officially become an act of resistance. Author Steele maps out a 45-day guide for Black men to reclaim the narrative of their own story, process the impact of their identity on their existence and more fully understand the range of emotions that they feel.

Price: $16

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The Soft Life_Amazon

Her Soft Life: A 90 Day Guided Journal for Strong Women Who Want to Be Tender
Jennifer Arnise
Embrace your tender side and begin a path to an emotionally healthier life with this guided journal. A thought-provoking collection of prompts, questions and guided self-care activities helps readers let go of the need for strength, accept their vulnerable side and cultivate a more balanced and accepting personality.

Price: 22

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Gratitude Journal_Amazon

Gratitude Journal for Black Women
Limitless Abundance
Elevate yourself. Manifest abundance in all aspects of life. Improve your relationships. And feel happpier. That’s the goal of this easy-to-follow journal that teaches gratitude and manifestation techniques to create a state of abundance within us.

Price: $9

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mental health journal for Black Men

Mental Health Journal for Black Men: Prompts and Practices to Prioritize Yourself and Work on Your Well-Being
Ryan K. Grace
Empower yourself with these insightful journal prompts for Black men

Black men experience uniquely difficult challenges in the world, but caring for your emotional and mental health can help you create lasting happiness. This guided journal paves the way for you to live your best life with powerful prompts, practices, and affirmations to support Black mental health.
Take stock of your emotional health—Learn to recognize your stressors and connect with your feelings through self-awareness exercises like body scans, self-esteem assessments, and more.
Reduce stress and anxiety—Cultivate mindfulness and avoid self-judgment in everyday life with practices that highlight self-reflection and compassion.
Find support in community

Price: $14

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