Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Share How Their Chemistry Evolved Over The Years To Become Each Other “Ride Or Dies” (Exclusive)

It’s no secret that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s chemistry is unmatched. The two star actors showcased their unmatched chemistry at the blue carpet premiere of the highly anticipated ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ film on Thursday, May 30, 2024, in Hollywood. The event was star-studded, and EBONY had the opportunity to attend the premiere to capture all the action.

As the stars of the film, Smith and Lawrence undoubtedly made a grand entrance onto the carpet. They walked down the carpet to the beat of a live marching band and arrived on a float. Engaging with fans for at least 10 minutes before stepping onto the carpet, the duo added an extra touch of excitement to the evening. 

Amidst the festivities, EBONY couldn’t resist asking Lawrence and Smith about their real-life bond. We asked if they consider each other to be each other’s “ride or dies” in real life. The actors affirmed that they are indeed each other’s “ride or dies.”

“Absolutely,” Lawrence said without hesitation. “We are each other’s ride or dies; our chemistry hasn’t changed; it’s just gotten better.”

The sentiment was echoed by Smith who chimed in: “I think we’ve gotten better at filling the lane, you go into a scene and you gotta try to find out who’s gonna do what. Cause we both can play the straight man or have the joke. So the fun of creativity is figuring out who’s gonna do what, and that’s where the chemistry is truly magical.”

Reflecting on the collaboration with directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, Smith expressed satisfaction with the final product. “[The directors] had a hard job to capture nostalgia but bring ‘Bad Boys’ to modern culture,” he said. “They walked the razor’s edge but I think it’s beautiful. People are going to see the best ‘Bad Boys’ of the four.”

The film’s directors also took a moment to chat with EBONY on the carpet, sharing their thoughts on the significance of this moment for their careers and their experience collaborating with Smith and Lawrence. “We grew up [watching] them, so for us it’s still surreal for us to be buddies and family with them,” the Belgium directors said. “We’re here with the biggest iconic actors in cinema history. They’re legends.” 

Joining the cast for this installment, Tiffany Haddish brought a fresh energy to the film. Dressed to impress, she discussed her excitement about being part of the project with EBONY. In a heartwarming moment during the interview, Smith greeted Haddish with an excited hug, complimenting her attire. “You look expensive!” he remarked. “That’s my big bro, that’s my ride or die right here,” Haddish laughed, highlighting the genuine friendship between them.

Asked about her experience working with Smith and Lawrence, Haddish described it as an “honor and privilege.” “The little girl in me was like, ‘It’s happening, it’s really happening!’” she said. When discussing her character’s contribution, Haddish teased, “She brings the ratchetness. She a gangsta.”

As the premiere drew to a close, attendees eagerly made their way inside the TCL Theater to experience the adrenaline-fueled ride promised by ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die.’ Audiences nationwide can catch the action-packed film when it hits theaters on June 5, 2024.

Updated: June 5, 2024 — 12:01 pm