Victoria Monet Pours Her Heart Out To Janet Jackson In Heartfelt Instagram Post

In a touching Instagram post accompanied by a heartfelt caption, singer-songwriter Victoria Monet expressed her deep gratitude to the legendary Janet Jackson. Sharing a photo of the two of them together at her show, Monét began her caption with a simple yet emotive, “Dear @JanetJackson 🥲.” The post, which she said had been sitting in her drafts for a few days, reflects Monét’s overwhelming emotions. This came after experiencing a moment she describes as leaving her “blushingly speechless.” In her attempt to articulate the significance of the encounter, Monét confessed that no words could adequately convey the depth of her feelings.

“Honestly I have had these pictures in the drafts the past few days because the fact that this moment even actually happened has had me blushingly speechless,” she wrote. “But simultaneously wanting to pour my heart out in a way that would carry the weight of what you mean to me. And accurately reflect my emotions and gratitude, but no words even hold a candle to how I truly feel!!!” However, Monét went on to explain that she chose to express her appreciation through her musical work. She described it as the most authentic way to honor and adore Jackson. Moreover, she acknowledged Jackson’s influence as a guiding force in her artistic journey. In addition, she stated, “There is no me as an artist without Janet Jackson. So it feels like you and your music have held my hand the whole time.”

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Victoria Monet Shares Her Love For Janet Jackson

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Moreover, she described Jackson as her idol, legend, and an integral part of her future legacy. Furthermore, Monét credited Jackson for shaping and guiding her musical DNA. The Instagram caption reads like a love letter to an artistic mentor, expressing gratitude for the inspiration that spans generations. Monét extended her gratitude beyond the present moment, expressing a hope to reciprocate the support in the future. “Like a spirit guide, challenging shaping guiding and solidifying my musical dna,” she continued. “You are my idol, my legend and a huge part of my future legacy as a strong root of it all. The inspiration you’ve gifted is oceans deep and generations long!”

“Thank you for coming to support me at my show!!! 😭🥹🥲 and thank you for the many seeds you’ve planted! Now hopefully I’ll be able to give you your flowers one by one as we to grow closer in he(art) together. I love you to no end,” she concluded. In signing off the post, Monét declared her love for Jackson “to no end” and signed it with a warm, “Sincerely yours, Victoria 🤎.” Furthermore, the Instagram post serves as a beautiful testament to the profound impact Jackson has had on Monét’s life and career, encapsulating the essence of mentorship, inspiration, and genuine appreciation.

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