The Other Side of Vegas: 5 of Sin City’s Flyest (and Hidden) Bars and Restaurants

Las Vegas may be known for casinos, star-studded concerts and shows, as well as its party scene. But, real Sin City connoisseurs also know that the culinary and bar scenes are the real winners of the Nevada city. If there’s ever been a restaurant you’ve wanted to get into in any other city globally, you may be surprised to know that Vegas likely has its own location and you may not have to wait years just to get a table.

We recently jetted out west to spend a little time in the city. And while it certainly was hot during our visit—we’re talking well into the 100s—we were cooled off by plenty of refreshing cocktails and upscale cuisine. From a hidden bar in the Bellagio that turns into the after-hours spot for our favorite celebs to a stunning restaurant hidden down a long gold hallway in Aria—here’s your insiders guide into some of Las Vegas’ flyest, and sometimes hidden, bars and restaurants.

The Vault

The Vault. Image: DeAnna Taylor.

Though it’s not quite a speakeasy, The Vault is definitely one of those “if you know, you know” types of spots. Located behind the live casino tables and marked only by an easy-to-miss single, gold door in the Bellagio Hotel, this stunning bar will literally make your jaw drop upon entry. The vibes are super sexy with black velvet booths and bar stools, a black and gold marble bar and one of the most unique chandeliers you’ll ever see.

Open daily beginning at 5pm, you’ll want to make a reservation as seating is very limited. Featuring an array of signature cocktails using high quality ingredients and spirits as well as a small bites menu that offers truffle spaghetti sticks as one of its snacks—you’ll want to hit this spot up as your pre or post dinner hangout. We say post-dinner as you never know who you may bump into after they get off stage.


COMO. Image: courtesy of MGM Resorts International.

Dreaming of a luxury vacation along the water of Lake Como, Italy? Well, we’ve found a fix that’ll carry you over until you get there. Situated in the pool area of the Bellagio, Como is a cute, open-air restaurant and bar that gives you all those summer in Italy vibes for a fraction of the cost. Decked out in sky blue and white decor, along with the stately white columns and perfectly manicured greenery around the Bellagio’s pool—we definitely thought we had hopped on a flight to Europe.

The menu consists of salads, sandwiches and plenty of refreshing beverages to keep you cool in the desert heat. Pro tip: ask your waiter to whip up the hibiscus spritz (non-alcoholic) and to send out the summer fruit platter while you wait for your meal.


Dessert spread at LPM. Image: DeAnna Taylor.

If you love Chanel No. 5 perfume, you will absolutely adore LPM. Described as more of a French-inspired restaurant, the cocktail menu here—which is a treat in itself—features a drink that pays homage to the luxury house designer, Coco Chanel. The Lettre a Coco is not only a champagne-based beverage but it also comes with a tiny envelope and letter that is sprayed with the popular scent. It is meant to be an added layer to your drinking experience.

Beyond all the specially curated cocktails, we were left dreaming for days about fresh burrata, warm prawns, lamb chops and filet. Of course, we dare not forget dessert, too, because we’re always in the mood for something sweet. Our go to was the French toast, trust us, it’s not like the French toast you’re used to.


The hallway leading into Cathédrale. Image: DeAnna Taylor.

We know Vegas has plenty of photo-worthy spots, but Cathédrale will likely become your new favorite, as it definitely became ours. Located in the main restaurant atrium of Aria, just outside the casino, you’ll find this upscale Mediterranean spot hidden behind a long gold and blue hallway—the picture spot we just mentioned.

Just when you think you’ve come to a dead end, you make the left turn into the gorgeous bar area outfitted in the same color scheme. And, then, just a few steps later you’re in the main dining area. If you truly want a social media moment during your dinner, order The Quaternary cocktail which comes served on a large block of ice that lights up as well as a scoop of caviar. It will surely have everyone looking over to see what you ordered.

The Garden Table in the Bellagio Conservatory

The Garden Table. Image: Courtesy of MGM Resorts International.

While you may have to plan about a year in advance for your seat at this table, The Garden Table in the Bellagio’s Conservatory is one of the most visually appealing dining experiences we’ve ever had. Set up in the basket of a stationary hot air balloon, the gold table will have you feeling like true royalty—and yes, people will walk by wondering who you are because it’s such a coveted experience.

There are multiple seatings throughout the day, two for brunch and two for dinner. We were able to get an invite to brunch, and there was so much food that we barely put a dent in it. The multicourse offering starts with mimosas (of course), a ring of assorted bagels, and a tower filled with salmon and onions for the lox lovers, sticky buns, cheese danishes, and slices of super fancy avocado toast. Next, you’re able to choose from several main courses including the Vegas omelette, French toast and steak and eggs. Then, to top it all off, the server brings the most massive piece of cheesecake you will ever see.

Updated: June 19, 2024 — 12:02 pm