Shaq Revealed How Argument With Dwyane Wade Led To Them Winning The NBA Championship

On the Draymond Green Show” Shaq recently related a story of how, at a crucial juncture in the 2006 NBA Finals, he inspired Dwyane Wade, his Miami Heat colleague. With the Heat behind the Dallas Mavericks 0–2, Shaq, who was struggling personally and seeing his own decline, had an important talk/argument with Wade. Shaq said to Draymond, “D-Wade, our first argument was in the Finals. We go down 0-2. I’m declining as Shaq.” He continued, I’m going through a divorce. I’m not Shaq. My first three guys are terrible, awful. So I pulled D-Wade in the room and said, ‘What the f**k you gonna do man?’”

“Motherf***er, you want to be the man, what the f**k you gonna do?’ I wasn’t trying to fight; I was just asking questions. He had a look of relief like, ‘Oh, I can?’ So yeah, motherf***er, I got four people on me.’ And he said, ‘Okay, Shaq.’ And he went off.” The argument was during the most pivotal time it could have been. The rest is history as the Heat went on to eventually beat the Dallas Mavericks in stunning fashion.

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Shaq’s Motivational Talk With Dwyane Wade Sparked Their Championship Run

Wade’s play in the series’ final games was outstanding, and this talk proved to be a turning moment for him. Wade had incredible stats in the 2006 NBA Finals. With a 46.8% shooting percentage from the field, he averaged 34.7 points, 7.8 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 2.7 steals a game. Wade scored an incredible 42 points in this pivotal game 3, which helped the Heat win 98-96. Wade finished Game 3 with a box score of 42 points on 14 of 26 shots, 13 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 assists, and 0 blocks. His scoring outburst was crucial in changing the course of the series and giving his squad newfound confidence. And it was all thanks to Shaq getting real.

In the series-clinching Game 6, Wade scored 36 points, securing the Heat’s first NBA title with a 95-92 victory. Wade’s ability to rise to the occasion in the most important times solidified his position as one of the best postseason performances in NBA history. Shaq won his fourth and final ring of his career, and the rest is history. Overall, those finals were one of the wildest ever. We saw the ascension of D-Wade on the biggest stage there is.

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