Rising Rap Star Rueben Vincent Shares his 9 Favorite Grooming Products

Reuben Vincent is an incredibly talented rapper making waves in the hip hop scene. Hailing from North Carolina, his unique style and lyrical prowess have garnered him a dedicated following. Vincent’s music channels a raw, honest energy that resonates with listeners, addressing personal experiences and societal issues with thought-provoking lyrics.

With his intricate wordplay and an impressive command of flow, Reuben Vincent effortlessly weaves together intricate rhyme schemes, showcasing his immense skill as a wordsmith. His delivery is dynamic and engaging, effortlessly switching between rapid-fire verses and melodic hooks. The emcee’s authenticity and vulnerability shine through in every track, allowing his storytelling abilities to captivate audiences, forging a deep connection with his fans.

Outside his music, he is also passionate about keeping his home life balanced. As a pescetarian, he stays away from greasy foods and sodas filled with sugar, as they cause him to break out. To keep the blemishes away, Vincent makes sure to drink tons of water and do his daily skincare routine.

The EBONY grooming team got the inside scoop on what products he uses daily to keep his skin smooth like butta. Check them out below.

Also, stay tuned for new music from Reuben on Emory Jones & DJ CLUE’s collaborative mixtape with Puma & Roc Nation called “Humble Soles.” which he is featured on a few times.


Deep Charcoal Oil Free Face Wash
“I have an oily face, so for me this is the best thing that has been good for cleaning my face. I had a hard time in the past finding something for it but this one goes crazy.”

Price: $7

Shop at Target


Yves Saint Laurent
Y Le Parfum
“I love the scent of this, it’s subtle and woody. Ladies always compliment me when I have this on, and that is an ego boost always. It feels like money. YSL for the win, Free Slime.”

Price: $188

Shop at Sephora


Lotta Body
Foam Wrap Me Foaming Mousse With Coconut & Shea Oil
“When I’m home and I’m out more frequently, I have to shower every night. I’m not perfect, but I don’t like to go to sleep with the day’s residue. I also brush my teeth and floss twice a day! I think it’s important to make sure your gums are intact and get all the food out. At night, I use Coconut Oil & Shea Wrap to keep my hair laid along with the oils I mentioned to make sure my scalp is nutritious. I then wrap my head with 2 scarfs, because they fall off when I sleep. I pray after all of this too.”

Price: $6

Shop at Hair Empire Beauty


Moisturizing Cream, Face and Body Moisturizer
“My skincare routine is also balanced with my diet. I am a pescetarian right now, drink a lot of water, and stay away from greasy foods/sodas because they cause me to break out. So that’s first in my skincare routine. I wash my face with Biore Deep Charcoal & then moisturize with CeRave every morning & night before I go to sleep whether I shower or not so I can get all the dirt off my face.”

Price: $15

Shop at Walmart


Naturally Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste
“A girl I was dating told me about the possibility of switching from flouride toothpaste to natural toothpaste, so this is the wave I’ve been on. I like the adjustment and I don’t think I would go back.”

Price: $6

Shop at Hello


Dr. Teal’s
Deodorant Rose & Milk
“I just got put on to aluminum-free deodorant because of the more natural ingredients it has. This one smells really good too. I know a lot of natural deodorants don’t have the same effect as traditional deodorant, but this one works well.”

Price: $10

Shop at Amazon


Premium Natural Hair Oil – Tea Tree Oil
“Oil is essential to keep my twist and braids in shape. I love the minty scent it leaves on my scalp & cool breezy feel. It also helped my hair grow really quick, long & healthy. I switch between this & castor oil, but this one smells better. Ladies compliment me when they get a whiff of my hair as well.”

Price: $10

Shop at Difeel


African Fair Trade Society
Pure Raw Unrefined Organic Shea Butter Unscented
“This always has my skin glowing. That African butter always does the skin right, it will have you shining like a bust down VVS chain.”

Price: $40

Shop at African Fair Trade Society


Dr. Bronners
Peppermint Pure-Castile Liquid Soap
“I’m mindful about what I put on my body because all of that bleeds into the mind. This soap is one of the best soaps in the game. The soap doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals or preservatives.”

Price: $17

Shop at Dr. Bronners

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