Lauren Speed-Hamilton on Interracial Marriage, Building Community and the Love of Detroit

Lauren Speed-Hamilton, known for her vibrant personality we saw on the hit show Love is Blind and commitment to empowering women, recently reflected on her experiences and future endeavors. “I am feeling great. I’m feeling like I’m on cloud nine,” she says, radiating enthusiasm. “I love seeing the women start to feel empowered, watching the activities and how everyone’s connecting and building a community, even connecting with the speakers. This is such a great initiative. It’s been an amazing event, and I’m so honored to be a part of it.”

Lauren’s involvement with Marshalls was a natural fit. “Marshalls actually reached out and said, ‘Hey, we’re gonna be in Atlanta. We know you live in Atlanta. This is a great initiative. We would love to have you.’ I said, ‘Say less, I am there.’ I mean, this is literally everything that I stand for. It just made sense.”

Building her community has been a crucial part of her journey. “My community is built through connecting with like-minded people. Being a creative myself, I do a lot of different things, and it’s important for me to connect with people who understand me, who can pour into me, and I can pour into them. It’s also about loyalty and building with people you’ve started with, expanding and growing together. It’s so rewarding.” Lauren values maintaining relationships from her past, especially with those who have supported her from the beginning. “A lot of times, people say you outgrow your childhood friends, but sometimes those are the realest ones. My assistant is my friend first. We’re both from Detroit, and I said, ‘You know what? I need help. Help me.’ She’s such a blessing in my life. She’s my right hand.”

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Navigating an interracial relationship has been a rewarding experience for Lauren. “It has been a blessing for me. Interracial relationships can be complicated, don’t get me wrong. But me and Cam focus on the things we have in common. Our differences enrich us. I didn’t know what a mince meat pie was, but now I do. I’ve taken him to Detroit, and it has been a beautiful exchange of cultures, knowledge, and blending families. It’s always interesting but very rewarding.”

Looking ahead, Lauren is ambitious and determined. “I want to take over the world! Me and Cam are actually working on a podcast about relationships—dating, marriage, and self-care. A healthy relationship with yourself is essential before you can have healthy relationships with others. I’m also excited about launching my nonprofit this year, focusing on mental health and creativity.”

Lauren’s passion for art began early in her life. “Growing up, my mom kept me in programs—radio, dance, singing. My dad worked in the industry and was with BET. Art is my passion; it makes me happy. I was a kid in after-school programs, learning about art and how big the world is outside of the hood in Detroit. Now, I want to use my platform and my nonprofit to help others.”

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Reflecting on her journey from Detroit, Lauren sees it as a sign of growth. “It’s a blessing to expand my world and life. At one point, it was just Detroit. Now, I’m traveling all over the world. I’m out of Detroit, but I’m still reaching back to help my community.” Self-care is an essential aspect of Lauren’s life. “Self-care for me is taking time for myself. Journaling and meditation have helped me so much. Sometimes, I take self-vacays to spend a week by myself and reset. As a water sign, stillness is essential for me.”

Marshalls holds a special place in Lauren’s heart for her self-care needs. “Marshalls has so much! I love their makeup, bathrobes and candles. Candles are a part of my self-care routine. I could spend hours smelling each one, with some music playing and maybe some wine.” Lauren’s love extends to her two dogs, a toy poodle and Sparks. “They’re my fur babies,” she says with affection.

Looking to the future, Lauren and Cam hope to start a family. “Yes, me and Cam would love to have children. We’re hoping to be blessed with one.” Raising a biracial child, Lauren is thoughtful about ensuring they know both sides of their heritage. “Raising a child with two different backgrounds, I feel they will have a Black experience, but it’s important for them to know both sides. They should understand that the world may see them as a Black man or woman, and we’ll need to talk about these experiences as a family. As long as they walk in love and share it with the world, it’ll be okay. It starts at home.”

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Lauren Speed-Hamilton’s journey is a testament to her dedication to empowerment, community, and authenticity. Her story continues to inspire and uplift those around her.

Updated: June 18, 2024 — 12:02 pm