EBONY Weekend Playlist: New Music From Jeezy, Megan Thee Stallion, Shenseea, and More!

Take this musical journey with us as we’re back with the EBONY Weekend Playlist, featuring the hottest Friday releases that have everyone buzzing. From car rides to conversations, this is the music that sets the tone for an unforgettable weekend.

This week’s edition includes fire bangers from many of our favorite voices who are letting us know that a new season—in their own interpretation— is underway: Megan Thee Stallion is back with a new single after a prolonged battle with her record label, she has successfully parted ways and embarked on a new chapter as an independent artist. Jeezy is letting us know that the Snowman is back with not only one album but TWO albums which marks his first independence release since departing Def Jam. Brandy is here to tell us Halloween is over and Christmas has finally arrived with a new single off her first Christmas album set to release November 10.

Megan Thee Stallion, “Cobra

Image: courtesy of Hot Girl Productions LLC.

Megan Thee Stallion, the official hot girl of Houston, Texas, just broke free from her label deal and has taken a bold step towards independence by officially signing with no label. This move showcases her determination to have creative control over her music and career. In addition, Megan has just released a new record which dives into personal experiences, as she addresses the topic of her ex-partner’s infidelity. With her empowering lyrics and undeniable talent, Megan Thee Stallion continues to make noise. Can we expect a new album at the beginning of next year?

Jeezy, I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget

Image: courtesy of CTE New World.

Jeezy has recently made a significant move in his career. Departing from Def Jam, he has taken a leap towards independence by releasing his first independent album. This double album showcases Jeezy’s artistic evolution and personal journey. Touching on “trauma, obstacles and personal growth,” the album delves into the depths of his experiences while offering an introspective perspective. This release marks a new chapter in Jeezy’s career, demonstrating his resilience and artistic integrity as he continues to make an impact in the music industry.

EarthGang, “Black Light

Image: courtesy of SinceThe80s/Dreamville.

EarthGang, the dynamic hip-hop duo hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, has released their latest single titled “Black Light” from their upcoming EP Robophobia (scheduled for a November 17th release). With several critically acclaimed projects under their belt, including their highly praised debut album Mirrorland in 2019, EarthGang has garnered recognition for their exceptional diversity and boundless creativity. Their infusion of southern Hip-Hop, and soulful melodies has solidified their position as one of the most innovative and original acts in contemporary Hip-Hop.

Shenseea Ft. Lola Brooke, “Beama

Image: courtesy of Rich Immigrants/Interscope Records.

Shenseea, hailing from Jamaica has gained international recognition for her infectious freestyles. With her powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence, Shenseea has gained a dedicated fan base and caught the attention of industry heavyweights. She’s set to transport us to the vibrant sounds of her beautiful homeland with her latest release. Titled “Beama,” this new record showcases Shenseea’s unique style and energy. Through collaborating with Lola Brooke, the track promises to be a captivating fusion of their talents.

Brandy, “Christmas Party For Two

Image: courtesy of Motown Records.

Brandy, continuing to take over the R&B genre, has rightfully earned the title of “vocal bible” due to her exceptional talent and remarkable career spanning several decades. Currently signed to Motown Records, she is gearing up to release her first Christmas album this month. Brandy’s presence has been felt not only in the music industry but also on our TV screens, as she continues to captivate audiences with her performances. Additionally, fans can look forward to seeing her on the big screen in the upcoming Netflix movie, “Best. Christmas. Ever!” Further adding to her list of accomplishments, it was recently announced that she will be gracing the stage at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year.

Toosii, “Suffice

Image: courtesy of South Coast Music Group/Capitol Records.

Toosii, is a 2x platinum hitmaker who just announced his upcoming project called Jaded releasing November 17. Fresh off a sold out headlining tour and the success of his debut album Naujour he’s back with a new single Suffice. With a blend of hip-hop and R&B influences, his music resonates with listeners on a deep and emotional level. Drawing from personal experiences, Toosii’s songs often touch upon themes of love, heartbreak, and the struggles of everyday life.

Willow Smith, “Alone

Willow Smith
Image: courtesy of Three Six Zero Recordings.

Willow Smith, has been making waves in the entertainment industry since a young age. Born into a family of musicians and actors, Willow has carved her own unique path and established a name for herself. From her early success with the hit single “Whip My Hair”. Willow releases “Alone” her new song about solitude and the human condition under her new label partnership with Three Six Zero Recordings. Expect a new album from Willow dropping in 2024.

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