‘Cowboy Carter’ Producer Atia “INK” Boggs Declares: “We’ve Always Been Black and Country”

Country artist Atia “INK” Boggs has already marked a special date on her calendar: January 31, 2025. “We can’t wait to see what happens next year at the Grammys,” she declared to EBONY.

That’s because the singer-songwriter and producer worked on Cowboy Carter with Beyoncé. She’s credited as one of the producers and co-writers of the country ballad “16 Carriages,” a song about growing up and family relationships, which debuted at number nine on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

“We’re really excited to see what that album is doing right now,” Boggs shared from the red carpet at the 150th Kentucky Derby celebration in Louisville, Kentucky. “We do so many genres, and this is one that I love.”

Boggs made it clear that we’ve always been Black and country. “We’ve always been doing it, and we’ve always been here; it’s just our Southern roots,” she exclaimed.

“From the hat to the boots to the way we talk to the slang to the bang, that’s just how we carry ourselves. I’m a Southern girl myself. So I came upon artists like Charlie Pride and Linda Martell,” she said.

“The narrative is not us coming back into it. People are just waking up and seeing these sounds across the world we’ve been doing because we’re so multifaceted.”

Boggs, who now resides in Atlanta, also worked on Beyonce’s Renaissance, which was nominated for “Album of the Year” in 2023.

Updated: May 27, 2024 — 12:01 pm