50 Cent Pushing For Second Shreveport Development Following G-Unit Studios

In recent months, much of the news surrounding 50 Cent has been from his relentless Instagram trolling campaign. He was one of the first to start taking shots at Diddy last year when the first lawsuit against him filed by Cassie broke. Unsurprisingly, he’s continued his trolling throughout the controversial Lil Rod lawsuit and the rap mogul’s homes being raided. That campaign has included just about any “evidence” 50 can find including inmate recordings and AI-generated images. He’s also taken shots at almost anyone who comes up in the story, for which he’s been threatened with violence.

But now he’s trying to expand a different project he started last year. According to AllHipHop, he opened up G-Unit studios in Shreveport earlier this month following approval granted last year. Part of the celebration even included the town labeling it’s opening day, April 18, as 50 Cent day. “Through the expansion of G-Unit in Shreveport, my aim is to embody the spirit of conscious capitalism to focus on creating jobs, stimulating commerce and contributing to the economic growth of this vibrant community. I envision [making] Shreveport a beacon of the entertainment industry,” he said during the launch of the studio. Now he has even more ambitions for the area. Check out his newest plans below.

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50 Cent Looking To Add To G-Unit Studio

His next proposal to the city centers around a sports and entertainment complex. He’s proposing turning the Expo Hall into the new G-Unit sponsored complex and has some ambitious goals for it. The pitch includes mentions of professional basketball outings, a variety of other sports including boxing and MMA lineups. But the center can also host concerts and a variety of expos and conventions. The same city council that approved the last building will also vote on this one.

What do you think of 50 Cent looking to expand his reach in Shreveport after opening G-Unit Studios earlier this month? Do you think the city will also approve a sports and entertainment complex? Let us know in the comment section below.

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