Zodiac Style Stars: Cancers Slaying the Fashion Game

We let our zodiac signs determine if we should take a job, go on that trip, or break up with that friend. Why not use it to help us get dressed? Through this series, we will explore how our zodiac sign can inspire and enrich our wardrobes and help us put our best fit forward.

Cancers: June 21 – July 22

Style profile: Comfort. Structure. Authenticity

Cancers, the intuitive mothers and nurturers of the zodiac, are known for their emotional perceptiveness, sensitivity and caregiving nature — all the makings for a celestial level of comfort that is exuded by all of the moon children of the zodiac. This is seen not only in their dispositions, friendships, and daily interactions but also in their fashion choices. There is a certain level of comfort, ease, and approachability in the way a cancer dresses, which you can’t unsee once you notice it. Their ease-forward and laissez-faire approach to styling is typically also paired with an undeniable penchant for uniqueness, which creates a perfect parallel between the hard exterior and soft underbelly of their astrological symbol, the crab.

Think about Solange, born June 24, who has dazzled us with her knack for making avant-garde pieces seem like breezy extensions of her funk-soul sound and overall aesthetic. Or what about Lil’ Kim? Born July 11, the rap savant whose aesthetics were the building blocks of contemporary high-fashion in hip-hop and beyond. Her fusion of high-end labels and rap’s emotive ethos is a hallmark display of the crustaceans’ ability to wear what’s comfortable to them in a way that is invigorating and fresh but still true to their values, sonically and otherwise. And who could forget about renowned video jockey turned hostess extraordinaire, La La Anthony who has become a fixture at one of the biggest nights in fashion as a red carpet correspondent for the Met Gala. Her sultry looks pair a level of sophistication and boldness that works well with the Brooklyn native’s love of classic pieces with a personal twist.

Cancers are masters of self-expression and effortless fashion, and style aficionados everywhere can learn a lot from them. They love structure but are not a fan of looking like they are attending a business casual luncheon. Below, we highlight some of our favorite Cancer fashion icons and a few Cancer-esque items to add to your collection.

Below, we highlight some of our favorite cancer fashion icons and a few cancer-esque items to add to your collection.

Solange Knowles – June 24, 1986

Ever the trendsetter, who could forget Solange’s industry-disrupting bridal shoot in 2015? With her caped gown, natural fro, and staggered bridal party, she was every bit of Solange, free from virtually all of the standard norms that come with wedding shoots.

It was unique and special to her, but still inspired hoards of similar wedding parties in its wake. From beaded blonde braids to a luscious fro, Solange has never been afraid to push the bounds of aesthetic norms in a way that is comfortable and true to her.

Taylor Russell – July 18, 1994

A rising star in the fashion world, Taylor Russell perfectly mixes the simplistic and fanciful with her signature color palette of neutrals and daring silhouettes that reflect her chic persona. It is abundantly clear that comfort is a priority as well as the pieces flow with ease and she never looks uncomfortable in her looks. Big cancer energy!

Lala Anthony – June 25, 1982

From MTV to the Met Gala, Lala Anthony has been a mainstay of our screens for over 20 years and we have loved every minute of it.

As her style evolves, there have been a few constants, including homage to Black creatives and designers, as seen in her 2022 In America: An Anthology of Fashion Met Gala look by LaQuan Smith.

Lil’Kim – July 11, 1974

Lil’Kim is the fashion icon’s fashion icon and has changed the way we conceptualize the relationship between hip-hop and high fashion. As a cancer, she has a strong sense of self and an unrivaled eye for pieces that speak to her outgoing and unapologetic persona.

Chloe Bailey – July 1, 1998

One of our favorite multi-hyphenates, Chloe Bailey uses her clothes to illustrate where she is in her creative journey. And this era? Undoubtedly her grown and sexy era. This sartorial expression is as Cancer as it gets. They are going to make sure you know how they feel through their outward presentation.  

Jaden Smith – July 8, 1998

Jaden Smith has been a creative powerhouse since he first tugged at our heartstrings in 2006 in The Pursuit of Happyness and has never shied away from getting deep. Whether that is through his passion for the “political and economic state of the world,” or through using his own dreads as an accessory at the Met Gala, he marches to the beat of his own drum with the ease you can only get from a true water sign.

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