WNBA Champions Sydney Colson and Theresa Plaisance are the New Faces of the League

Sydney Colson and Theresa Plaisance, 2x WNBA Champions with the Las Vegas Aces in real life, are hilarious “bench warmers” in their new unscripted comedy series the “Syd & TP Show,” streaming on Ryan Reynold’s Maximum Effort Channel across Tubi, Fubo and Amazon Freevee. These two were hilarious throughout the whole interview and make it clear that comedic antics you’ll see on screen — not the bench-warming — aren’t far from their true personalities, at all.

EBONY: Can you explain how energetic this show is?

Theresa Plaisance (TP): This show is so energetic because Syd and I would wake up at 10, every day. If you were around us all last year, we would have a bus at 4:30 in the morning and we’d start that with the good ol holler in the bus, “ROAD TRIP!”

Sydney Colson (Syd): No, you would start that. Ha Ha!

Theresa Plaisance: Okay fine, maybe it was me. So every day on set, we were just surrounded by really great people with very similar energies to us. We were just pumping good vibes all day long. Everybody was just trying to help us be our authentic selves and you saw that in our writing. You saw that in our acting and I feel like it was just good vibes all the way around. And that’s what we got out of the show.

Sydney Colson: There are definitely days and moments where they had to like reel us in. We’re so goofy and we get going in our element together. It can be overwhelming. TP has ADHD. I believe I’m undiagnosed and so for us to even get through that many days of filming, I know that our cast was impressed. They told us that we did a good job of tapping in to still be professional because we were serious about this. We really wanted this to turn out good. As much as we’d like to have fun, we brought the energy. It was nice to see that we were still able to maintain a level of professionalism in their eyes and make it through those two weeks of shooting.

Syd and TP
(Right to Left) Sydney “Syd” Colson and Theresa “TP” Plaisance. Image: Courtesy of Fubo’s Maximum Effort Channel.
Sydney “Syd” Colson. Image: Courtesy of Fubo’s Maximum Effort Channel.

Only two weeks of shooting?

Syd: Yeah, we did a week before training camp and then we did a week during the all-star break. It was cool but for us, we didn’t know any different. We thought this was just what the life is going to be like so we just adjusted. So it was surprising actually how good of a job they did with putting things together. We were staying at an Airbnb, but we turned that Airbnb into so many different sets for the show that you wouldn’t have been able to tell that it was all in that [one] place.

What is the funniest moment in the show?

TP: The beauty shop is going to be in my top three.

Syd: I enjoyed the drag queen one a lot just because it was something so different. Carly, our director, did an amazing job of planning something out for that kind of scenario. Merging those two worlds — women’s basketball and a drag queen — that was comedic genius to me.

So your mission is to become the face of the league. At the end of the season, will the mission be completed?

Syd: We think that we’re just funny people. So we probably toot our own horns more than your average person, but we’re like, damn individually, we’re funny. The premise of the show, being that we’re benchwarmers trying to become the face of the league, is funny. And people laugh at it, because they’re like, “Why would that be? How would that be? Nobody’s gonna pay attention to y’all.” The irony of it is that we are becoming more well-known for being benchwarmers who are trying to become the face of the league.

TP: We lowkey spoke it into existence.

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Updated: November 20, 2023 — 12:02 pm