Warren G Shuts Down Rumor That He Was Beaten Up By Dr. Dre

Warren G is Death Row royalty. The rapper was one of the key members of the West Coast crew, courtesy of hits like “Regulate” and “This DJ.” According to Death Row co-founder Suge Knight, however, Warren G didn’t always get along with his peers. During the April 14 episode of Knight’s podcast, Collect Call With Suge Knight, he claimed that Warren G was beaten up by his own step brother, Dr. Dre. The claim that was denied by the Regulator himself.

Suge Knight started the episode by reflecting on Death Row’s heyday, but things took a turn for the awkward when Knight switched to the Warren G story. “You know when you was trying to use the phone when you wasn’t supposed to in front of Andre — your brother — slapped your a*s around,” he stated. “You start[ed] saying, ‘Okay blood. Okay blood. Please don’t do it no more, I’m sorry.’ You can say that that didn’t happen, but everybody knows it’s true.”

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Warren G Exposes Knight’s “Tough Guy” Act

Despite Knight’s insistence that the incident was true, Warren G wasn’t having it. The rapper hopped on Instagram to call out Knight. “History would repeat itself, because n***a you wasn’t the only n***a in the room, n***a,” he reasoned. “You wasn’t by yourself. It was other people in the room, too. I’m not gonna say no names because like you said, we don’t talk…So why you on here talking? Let that sh*t go, man.” Warren G also criticized Knight’s reputation as a tough guy. He claims he defended Death Row’s honor whenever Knight got into trouble in the 1990s. “When you was at the comedy store,” Warren G added. “Fighting that little buff a*s n***a, who saved your muthaf***in ass? Me.”

To call Suge Knight’s reputation dubious would be an understatement. The ex-bodyguard is currently serving 28 years in prison, and will not be eligible for parole until 2034. Warren G, meanwhile, is getting ready to go on tour with fellow West Coast icons Snoop Dogg and DJ Quik. The trio will be embarking on the Cali To Canada tour, which kicks off June 3rd in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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