Uncle Luke Wants To See A Drake And Chris Brown Rap Battle

Uncle Luke has cast a large shadow on hip-hop as a whole. His influence can be directly linked, however, to the music of Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Luke’s name was referenced in the Drake-assisted song “Pop That” from 2013. Kendrick Lamar also rapped about getting a girl loose “like an Uncle Luke anthem” on 2011’s “Sherane aka Master Splinter’s Daughter.” A decade later, and these two are embroiled in one of the biggest rap battles of all time. Uncle Luke has takes on the battle, and they may just surprise you.

Uncle Luke, born Luther Campbell, came out as pro-Drizzy. He gave Lamar his props, but the 2 Live Crew rapper claimed that Drake was “undefeated” when it comes to rap battles. “Kendrick ain’t gonna stop until he win one round,” he stated. “He’s not gonna stop. He gonna stay in the studio all night… But I’m telling you that Drake. Drake is like undefeated. Drake been doing it for a minute. He be bodying people, man.” The praise continued from there, with Uncle Luke noting that in order to get the title, a rapper has to go at the 6 God.

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Uncle Luke Claims That Drake Is “Undefeated”

The 2 Live Crew rapper made reference to the Meek Mill battle, but things really took an unexpected turn when he described the next battle he’d like to see Drake get involved in. He thinks it would be fun to see the Toronto go to war with Chris Brown on the basis that both are “undefeated.” Uncle Luke gave Breezy the W in the Quavo battle. “Drake been doing it for a minute,” he added. “He ain’t running from no smoke… It’s gonna take some Chris Brown or something. Drake vs Chris Brown.”

Drake and Brown certainly had periods where a battle would have been possible. They hated each other for nearly a decade. The thing is, the two men have set their differences aside in recent years. They had a monster 2019 single together, “No Guidance.” There’s also the fact that Drake and Brown got involved in their respective battles because there was personal animosity towards the other rappers. They didn’t just do it for the sport. Both of these points are going to deprive Uncle Luke of the battle that he wants to see. Even if Drake appears done with K. Dot.

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Updated: May 7, 2024 — 3:01 am