Tommy Richman Drops Another Smash Hit With “Devil Is A Lie”

Tommy Richman has refined his sound. He’s been putting out music since 2019, but something clicked with “MILLION DOLLAR BABY” in April. The song skyrocketed to number two on the Billboard Hot 100, and put a lot of eyes on Richman to deliver a second hit. It’s a window that a lot of artists have fumbled over the years. We’re happy to report that Tommy Richman has delivered. The singer just dropped off a new single titled “Devil Is a Lie,” and it might even be better than his breakout hit.

Richman teased the song on TikTok a week prior to its release, and it drew comparisons to the Neptunes beats of the 2000s. This couldn’t be more true in the full version. “Devil Is a Lie” is the best kind of retro song, in that it captures the feeling of the 00s without trying too hard to recapture its sound. It reminds us of other artists, but it’s still, definitively, Tommy Richman. The dynamics between the chorus and the bridge is absurdly catchy, and the lyrics are playfully aligned with the instrumental. The singer doesn’t have much to say, but his vocals, and his stylish delivery, will make it easy to memorize each line. He’s also more audible than he was on “MILLION DOLLAR BABY.” A lot of songs aim to be summer playlist material, but “Devil Is a Lie” feels like the rare instance of a song succeeding in doing so.

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Tommy Richman’s Latest Is A Stylish Throwback

Quotable Lyrics:

I did so much, you did it with me, and I’m not alone (Ah, ah, ah)
Since 2019, was dinners with me, I’ma set it in stone (Ah, ah, ah)
You come from a sunken place again (Ah, ah, ah)
You know the struggle, baby, can we be friends?

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Updated: June 14, 2024 — 3:03 am