Super Producer Metro Boomin Talks His Career Ascension, Dream Collabs and Love of Hip Hop

“I love making beats, I love making songs, I love making music so much,” Super Producer Metro Boomin tells EBONY during our recent chat. “I’m waking up working on this everyday, so I knew, one day, something had to shake, because I’m putting so much into this.”

Now with chart-topping hits under his belt—”Bad & Bougie” by the Migos, “Mask Off” by Future and Kanye’s “Father I Stretch My Hand” to name a few—the St. Louis native says he’s just getting started, and it’s only up from here. While he doesn’t often bask in his success—something he says he’s going to work on doing more—the “Heroes and Villains” producer has upped the ante with his appearance in the recent Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse animated film, producing the movie’s musical album as well as teaming up Sonic Drive-In for a fun summer campaign.

“Going to Sonic has a certain nostalgia for me, and all around positive memories of simpler times. We used to sit out and eat on the benches when I was growing up. So, I really resonate with the brand.”

As for his go-to order: the French toast sticks for breakfast and a strawberry lemonade with vanilla—no ice—as his custom drink of choice.

EBONY chatted further with Metro Boomin where he shares the importance of preserving the history of hip hop, his dream collaborations and the recent defining moment in his career that assured him that the world is definitely paying attention.

EBONY: Why is it important to teach the history of hip hop as we move into the new wave of the genre?

Metro Boomin: It’s extremely important; that’s the only way we keep it alive—as with anything. I’ve always referred to myself as a student of the game because I pull inspiration from those who came before me. I like to analyze those who have achieved career longevity to understand what they have in common, what worked and what didn’t or even how they crafted videos.

As an artist, I feel like it’s really a responsibility to know the history. You’re getting paid millions for this, so it’s only right. You think LeBron or Kobe didn’t study the tape of the greats before them? I mean, you can definitely always tell who does their homework and who doesn’t.

When it comes to dream collaborations for you, where does a Nas or Jay-Z feature fit into that?

Man, I would love to work with both of them. I have this long list written out of all the people I would love working with. Working with Nas on the Spiderverse, was the first time I got to do something with him. My mom loved him and used to play his songs all the time. So, I used to go out and buy his albums when I was young.

But as far as other dream collabs, man, Jadakiss, 50, Snoop—honestly, I don’t want to keep going because I don’t want to leave anyone out.

What was the moment in your career as a producer where you felt like people are rocking with me, and I’m here to stay?

I don’t think that moment has happened yet, for real. I mean, I know I’m here to stay, but I still feel like I’m just getting started. I knew I was here to stay before I even really got here, because I knew how much time I was putting into this. But with my album, Heroes and Villains plus everything with Spiderverse at the same time, that raised the bar for me. I’m always trying to outdo myself. This is one of the first times in my career that I can really feel the ascension; I can feel something happening, and I’m well aware of it.

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Updated: July 25, 2023 — 9:01 pm