SNOT And Cochise Sound Triumphant On New Single “Hilarious”

SNOT and Cochise made a splash with their 2021 collab “Tell ‘Em.” It was bouncy, playful, and super catchy. The duo showcased a lot of chemistry on the song, especially with their ability to swap bars back and forth. Fans were under the impression there would be more SNOT and Cochise songs coming, but it took three years for the duo to deliver a proper follow-up. Thankfully, “Hilarious” is worth the wait. It’s a completely different vibe from “Tell ‘Em,” as it puts the two rappers in celebration mode.

The instrumental is night and day with regards to the duo’s previous song. “Tell ‘Em” had a jittery, night time feel to it. “Hilarious,” on the other hand, feels more energetic. The synths are bright, like a summer party that started during the day. The synths do a lot of the heavy lifting. They evoke the same feel as Jay-Z’s “Ignant Sh*t.” That’s the last Jay comparison that’s going to be made, though. SNOT and his partner in crime are not trying to dazzle the listener with wordplay. It’s all catchy vocals riffs and Auto Tuned trash talk. And it sounds great. Cochise’s vocals sounds particularly smooth on the back end of the song.

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SNOT’s Instrumental Is Perfect For Summertime

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m off a couple drugs, put you in that Cyber Truck
Smokin’ angel dust, these n**gas cannot f*ck with us
Diamonds on my wrist, that sh*t just look like emo cuts
These n**gas talkin’ all that sh*t, you know I give no f*cks

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Updated: June 22, 2024 — 3:04 am