Ryan Garcia Tested Positive For PED Before Devin Haney Fight

Ryan Garcia has been the talk of the boxing world in 2024. He defeated Devin Haney in an upset, despite not being able to compete for the WBC Super Lightweight Title. The more people have learned about the fight, however, the less Garcia’s victory seems to be legit. On May 1, ESPN’s Mike Coppinger dropped a bombshell regarding the substances in the boxer’s system. He revealed that Garcia tested positive for a specific kind of PED shortly before he got into the ring with Haney.

Coppinger explained that test results taken the day before the fight reveal that Garcia had Ostarine in his system. “Ryan Garcia tested positive for the PED Ostarine,” he wrote. “The day before and the day of his upset win over Devin Haney, per a VADA letter obtained by ESPN.” The reporter did note that the fighter has time to check these results against the second sample. “Garcia has 10 days to request his B-sample be tested,” he added. “A-sample also screened positive for 19-norandrosterone but unconfirmed.”

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Ryan Garcia Had The PED Ostarine In His System

This is only the latest in a series of outside-the-ring complications for Ryan Garcia. The boxer was set to fight Haney for the Super Lightweight belt, but he came in three pounds heavy at the weigh in. Bill Haney, the trainer and father of Garcia’s opponent, blasted the fighter during an SI interview. “You trying to hurt my baby,” he asserted. “We played it fair. We didn’t do it like that… You scared of Devin on a level playing field. I feel f*cked up over this. If you can brag about doing it, you shouldn’t be on drugs.”

Garcia has denied the PED results outright. The fighter hopped on to social media to claim the test is “bullsh*t” and a means of dismissing his victory. “Everybody knows that I don’t cheat,” he told viewers. “What can I say? Why didn’t they come out with this before the fight, if they found it before? Why would they let me step into the ring as a cheater, and then come out with the victory, and then they post this?” The fighter wrapped up his statement by claiming that he wouldn’t even know where to get PEDs if he wanted. “I don’t even know where to get steroids, at the end of the day,” he added. “I barely take supplements.”

Which side do you believe?

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