Rihanna Puts her Son RZA and A$AP Rocky in the Latest Savage X Campaign

A$AP Rocky and his son RZA, whom he shares with Rihanna, have taken center stage in the stunning and heartwarming latest Savage X campaign, captivating audiences with their undeniable charm and style. A$AP Rocky, known for his cutting-edge fashion sense and boundary-pushing artistry, effortlessly brings his unique swagger to the campaign. Clad in the latest Savage X Fenty pieces, his presence adds a dynamic edge that perfectly aligns with the brand’s ethos of confidence and inclusivity.

A$AP Rocky-rza - savage x fenty
RZA and A$AP Rocky. Image: courtesy of Savage X Fenty.

The touch of familial warmth and authenticity, the appearance of their young son RZA alongside his dad is nothing short of heartwarming. The visual storytelling in the campaign captures tender moments between the two, showcasing not just the allure of the fashion but also the essence of modern father-son dynamic chilling around the house. Rihanna’s visionary approach to Savage X Fenty continues to break barriers, and this latest campaign featuring her family is a testament to her innovative spirit and commitment to inclusivity. Together, A$AP Rocky and his son embody the future of fashion, one that celebrates love, diversity, and the beauty of real-life connections.


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Updated: July 10, 2024 — 12:02 pm