Rick Ross Changes Cover Art For Drake Diss “Champagne Moments”

Just when we thought the battle was over. Rick Ross was a minor player in the Drake vs. everybody narrative, but he still left an impression. Ross and Drake do, after all, have a stellar track record of hits together, and Ross’ social media trolling did gets laughs from Drake haters. Rozay’s diss, on the other hand, “Champagne Moments,” was met with muted response. Fans thought it was pretty lightweight in terms of content, but that didn’t stop the rapper for tweaking its cover art on streaming.

The cover art swap occurred on June 11. It was notable because, well, the original cover art was one of the most notable things about the original rollout. “Champagne Moments” was originally released with a viral image dating back to 2022. A user on the website 9gag found a photo in their grandma’s yearbook and posted it because they claimed it looked like “white Drake.” The photon gained traction, despite the true identity of the man never being divulged. Rick Ross’ decision to use the photo as his artwork revived the meme and brought it to the attention of those who missed it the first time around.

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Rick Ross Ditched The Original “White Drake” Meme

The new artwork for “Champagne Moments” has a less thrilling backstory. It’s unclear if the change was made to avoid legal complications, but it features a drawing of Drake looking nerdy. The rapper is made to have glasses and a bowtie, as well as blond, floppy hair. It’s insulting, albeit not as memorable a cover as the original. The timing of the artwork change is also odd. “Champagne Moments” dropped way back in April, and every other artist has moved on from the battle. Some have gone out of their way to remove evidence of the battle on social media.

Drake caught a lot of flack for deleting his diss songs from Instagram on June 5. He wiped all the disses from the platform, including “Push Ups” and “Family Matters.” Both songs were mainly aimed at Kendrick Lamar, but contained disses for Rick Ross as well. In the case of the former, Drake pointed out that all of Ross’ biggest hits came from their collabs. The MMG boss seemed unbothered, however. He recently partnered with Julien’s Auctions to auction off an exclusive collection of street and contemporary art. Some of the most notable pieces included a Michael Jackson glove and several Air Jordan pairs.

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Updated: June 12, 2024 — 3:02 am