Rapper Waka Flocka Flame and Desi Banks Are Reigning In the Game of Spades

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame and Comedian Desi Banks are kicking ass and taking names on their new podcast, We Playin’ Spades. The Georgia duo talks to EBONY about the energy on set, renigging, and losing your Black card.

EBONY: We have Desi Banks and Waka Flocka together. How high is the energy?
Desi Banks: It’s amazing. It’s dope. It’s fun. For sure for sure. Most definitely is as high as Chris Tucker was when he overdosed in Death President.

How many people lost their Black card on the show?
Desi: It’s been a few. I’d say about two or three. So they are no longer Black anymore. You can’t put seasoning on your food no more.
Waka Flocka: It’s like Kool-Aid with water. Grits with salt.
Desi: Oh, yeah. You gotta eat cereal with water. Can you imagine baked chicken with no seasoning? Yeah, it’s that man.

Desi Banks attends Rick Ross' Car Show.
Desi Banks at Rick Ross’ Car Show. Image: Terence Rushin/Getty Images

Who was the best guest on the show?
Desi: Nick was was good. I mean, they were all great. Lil Rel was good. Jay Pharaoh was good.
Waka: Jay Pharaoh. Yeah, he’s hilarious.

Who do y’all want to beat in spades next?
: Patty LaBelle
Desi: That’d be insane. It would be crazy. [I’d say] Alicia Keys. But I’ve been saying Monique, though. I want to play against Auntie.

What’s the most books y’all got on the show?
: We done got like 9
Desi: Oh yeah, we done spanked ass. We spank ass

Do people say you ever look like another famous person?
: Yeah, people play with me. All the time.
Waka: I get Richard Sherman
Desi: Somebody called me Funny Marco once.

Who is the King of Comedy?
: Eddie Murphy. Or Richard Pryor? Or Bernie Mac? Or Red Foxx?
Waka: The 90’s.
Desi: It can’t be just one. That would be too much of a disrespect. It’s a lot of Kings out there.

Waka Flocka In Concert
Waka Flocka performs onstage. Image: Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Do y’all remember your first time renigging?
: When I first started, my family I thought I was good. I thought I watched enough but I didn’t. And they told me get my ass off the table. And I had to sit there and watch.

If you had your own theme show, what would it look like?
It’d be like Waka Flocka with Dreads. it’d be dreads everywhere. Every rollercoaster would have dreads on the seat. I’ve been to Orlando Studios. They got this roller coaster. They play Kanye West songs on there, but it’d be straight Waka Flocka songs. Oh Let’s Do It! That’s gonna be the intro song when you walk in.

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Updated: October 16, 2023 — 6:02 pm