Rapper JT And Youtuber De’arra Taylor’s New Eyewear Line is Now Available

Knotless braids and summertime, Thelma and Louise, yams and collard greens— no matter the iteration, we all love an iconic pairing and this spring, fans of delectable duos are in for yet another treat. This time, of the vision variety, thanks to the collaborative creativity of certified city girl JT and YouTube influencer De’arra Taylor. In the ultimate creative crossover, Taylor tapped the Miami native to celebrate two years of her eyewear brand, Lorvae, with a Twin Flames collection.

Fans have often compared the two to one another for their similar features and eye for style. Now, as both their stars grow in their respective creative dynasties, this collaboration strikes as more than an elusive sequitur — it’s a match made in eyewear heaven.

The collection, which launches April 17, includes 14 new glasses, priced from $80 for a single pair to $575 for their PR box, which includes four pairs of shades. 

Rapper Jt And Youtuber De'arra

Twinem – Flamez

Price: $80

Shop at Lorvae

The collection features a range of shades in eye-catching hues and shapes, just in time for summer trips and staycations.

“After two years of dropping straight heat, we bring you our twin flame collection to mark our two-year anniversary!!!” began the Instagram announcement post for the collaboration. 

They go on to explain that this is a “creative collaboration between girl boss DEO and City Cinderella.” 

Beyond their shared features and flare for fashion, the two are both fire signs, a stated genesis for the Twin Flame title.

“De’arra, an Aries and @thegirljt, a Sagittarius, connected as fire signs making them the baddest twin flame igniting the most FIERY collab of the year,” continued the post.

JT added that the collab required the joint forces of “TWO chocolate boss b*!ches,” something fans were eager to get behind.

“JT was the perf collab for Lorvae like those shades are soo JT and soo tea,” shared one user on Twitter.

“JT x Lorvae. Yes copping immediately,” shared another.

Rapper Jt And Youtuber De'arra

Rizz Blush

Price: $85

Shop at Lorvae

As the name suggests, flames were a central theme for the advert, released on April 10. Beyond their coordinated outfits and identical blunt bangs and thigh-grazing hairstyles, the pair literally and figuratively mirrored each other in the promotional video and advertorial shoots, which features a mind-bending shot of Taylor looking into a mirrored reflection of JT — talk about seeing double.

Lorvae was founded by Taylor in 2022, a testament to the creator’s knack for personal style and accessorizing, which aided in making her one of the biggest names in the YouTube creator circuit.

While this is the pair’s first collaboration, it is certainly not JT’s first time dabbling in the world of fashion. The No Bars raptress has also appeared in campaigns for London-based It Girl brand Poster Girl and has been quite forthcoming in her stance regarding rap figures occupying spaces in high fashion.

The news of the collection excited fans of both JT and Taylor as the announcement coincided with Taylor’s return to vlogging after a four month hiatus, leaving many fans hoping for a cameo from her newest collaborator. 

Now, there are no guarantees regarding the femcee appearing in any vlogs, but eyewear enthusiasts, City Girl fans, and loyal subscribers alike can all get their Lorvae fix now at Lorvae.com.

Rapper Jt And Youtuber De'arra


Price: $88

Shop at Lorvae

Muah, no bars!

Updated: April 19, 2024 — 3:02 pm