NAV And Metro Boomin Tease Collaborative Album Coming Soon

NAV and Metro Boomin are workhorses. They are constantly touring, recording, or planning their next album. It’s obviously benefited them. Both artists have risen in popularity over the last decade. Metro, in particular, has become the most sought-out producer in hip-hop. NAV and Metro Boomin recently talked about their tireless recording process. In the midst of talking shop, these two hinted at the possibility of another collaborative album.

The whole thing came about due to a NAV question. He asked Metro Boomin whether he was going to take a break after recording two consecutive albums with Future. The producer said that the opposite was true. “Nah, [I’m ready to keep] going,” he explained. “I’m a producer and it’s not the same as an artist who might burnt out with a specific style or their voice.” The money quote then arrived. Metro compared working with Future to working with NAV on an album. An album, seemingly, that fans have not yet heard. “I could do an album with Future,” Metro asserted. “And it’s not going to sound like my album with NAV.”

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NAV And Metro Boomin Dropped A Collab Tape In 2017

The cherry on top was Metro Boomin claiming that he always has something that he’s working on. The fact that Metro and NAV alluded to an album, and are even interviewing each other, suggests that there is something in the works. There’s also the fact that the producer and rapper have worked together in the past. They collaborated on the 2017 mixtape Perfect Timing. Both artists were still on the rise when the tape dropped, and it boosted their respective profiles.

There’s also the Drake-shaped elephant in the room. Metro Boomin and NAV were pitted against Drake during the recent hip-hop civil war. Metro spearheaded the war with “Like That,” and NAV caught a stray shot in the Drake diss “Family Matters.” Both artists are bonded by their dislike for the 6 God, and have made a point of working with artists who feel the same way. Metro Boomin linked up with Kendrick Lamar and NAV was photographed in the studio with Pharrell Williams. Maybe there are more subliminals aimed at Drake on this hypothetical album.

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Updated: July 4, 2024 — 3:03 am