Mother-Daughter Duo Toya And Reginae are Showing Us Reality with Their New Show

Toya Rushing and her daughter, Reginae Carter, are household names. Rushing (formerly Johnson) is a New York Times bestselling author, television personality, boss woman and mother who raised Reginae from the young age of 15. Carter is an influencer, actress, and boss in her own right, and of course the daughter of rap icon Lil Wayne. But how much do we really know about the mother-daughter duo? Thankfully, we won’t have to guess or speculate anymore.

Toya and Reginae’s new self-titled reality TV series will premiere on August 24, 2023, on WeTV at 9pm ET. EBONY attended the advanced screening in Atlanta, and we got a glimpse of episode one. It truly is must-see TV.

Most folks seek out reality TV for one reason—the drama. In the series, Toya is opening the doors to her home, and you see pretty quickly how hectic her family dynamic can be. There’s some odd tension between her and her sister, and once you see the reason why, it will drop your jaw. Reginae is in a new relationship, and it gets messy pretty quickly.

Toya and Reginae surrounded by family and friends during the advanced screening. Image: Joi Stokes/Getty Images.

If that wasn’t enough, Toya’s mother, Ms. Anitta is a firecracker and doesn’t hold her tongue for nobody. Oh, and Toya’s younger brother believes he’s better than Lil Wayne. And when your ex is actually Lil Wayne, and your brother thinks you don’t push him enough, it gets a little hairy. The season will also feature appearances from singer Tiny’s daughter, Zonnique, as well as tons of other familiar Atlanta stars.

“Toya and Reginae” has the chance to be one of the best reality TV shows we’ve seen in a while. It has the star power, and the rest of the cast each bring their own unique element. Even Toya’s husband, Red Rushing’s sarcasm, is hilarious, and it’s on full display as early as episode one.

Make sure you tune in at 9PM or catch it streaming on Mondays on ALLBLK.

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Updated: August 24, 2023 — 3:01 pm