Mike WiLL Made-It Criticizes Rappers For Remaking Classic Songs

Mike WiLL Made-It is one of the defining producers of the 2010s. He helped to cultivate the sound of an entire generation of artists, courtesy of his hard-hitting sound and his signature tag. Mike WiLL’s profile has lessened in recent years, as he’s stepped back to focus on the artists signed to his record label. He had something to get off his chest May 16, however. The Atlanta producer got on X (formerly Twitter) to complain about the current state of hit-making. According to him, artists have gotten lazy.

The critique came in two parts. The first saw Mike WiLL Made-It call out artists who simply remake iconic songs. “Sick of hearing remakes,” he tweeted. “Nothing like original shxt.” The second message pointed out the trend of older artists agreeing to hop on the remake of their own song. “Please don’t feature on your classic remake,” he added. “It’s a pet peeve of mine.”

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Mike WiLL Made-It Wants Artists To Make Original Music

The producer didn’t mention any names, but there are plenty of recent examples. Usher hopped on Summer Walker’s “Come Thru,” which sampled his 1997 single “You Make Me Wanna…”. Then there’s Fergie, who performed alongside Jack Harlow at the VMA’s when he sampled “Glamorous” on his radio hit, “First Class.”

Mike WiLL Made-It is tired of this trend. He doesn’t blame the record labels, either, he blames the artists. In his estimation, the labels don’t care about the music so long as they are moving units. “They just put the shxt on the shelf,” he wrote in a separate tweet. “Its on the production company or the independent artist…” Mike WiLL wasn’t the only producer who voiced their frustration.

Sonny Digital, another 2010s stalwart, backed up the claim. He quote tweeted Mike WiLL and added: “I swear I don’t respect anybody remaking a song that’s already a hit and then ACT like they made a hit from a song that was ALREADY a hit.” Here’s hoping more high-profile artists take not of what these producers are saying, and attempt more original music.

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Updated: May 17, 2024 — 3:01 am