Meek Mill Claims He Makes $1 Million Per Song And $62K Per Bar, Fans Are Skeptic

In a recent Instagram post, Meek Mill dropped a bombshell on fans. He asserted that he makes a staggering $1 million per song and a jaw-dropping $62,500 per bar. The Philadelphia rapper didn’t mince words. Instead, he proudly proclaimed his success in the industry and scoffing at the notion that rap is a dying art. In the Instagram post that set social media buzzing, Meek Mill declared, “I’m getting a million a song … so that’s 62,500 every bar I speak…. They say this rap s**t dying must be on billboard because it’s not to Meek!” The bold claim left fans both awestruck and skeptical. Social media was quick to call out the claims.

While many fans congratulated Meek Mill on his apparent financial triumphs, others were quick to express doubt. One Instagram user humorously commented, “Same n***a that asks for a discount at a shoe convention,” alluding to the contrast between Meek’s alleged million-dollar bars and real-world frugality. Another skeptic chimed in, stating, “Meek is LLLYYYYYIIIINNNNGGGG. Ain’t nobody paying a mill for them bars.” The sentiment reflects a common skepticism among fans, who question the authenticity of such lofty claims in an industry where exaggeration is common.

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Fans React To Meek Mill’s Post

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Comparisons were drawn to other instances in the rap world where artists were accused of stretching the truth. One fan pointedly referenced Snoop Dogg, saying, “@meekmill lying like @snoopdogg did when he said he was done with ‘smoke.’” The comment alludes to the widespread skepticism that often accompanies bold statements in the world of hip-hop. Earlier today, it was revealed that Snoop Dogg’s post to “quit” smoking weed was just an ad. It turned out that Snoop was just partnering with Solo Stove to promote their smokeless fire pit products.

However, as Meek’s post circulated and fans debated the legitimacy of his claims, fans questioned his authenticity. While some may view Meek’s bold statement as a flex of success, others remain unconvinced. As the debate unfolds, Meek Mill’s Instagram revelation adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing narrative of wealth and success in the rap game. In other news, Meek recently collaborated with Rick Ross for their new joint album Too Good To Be True. Have you listened yet?

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Updated: November 21, 2023 — 3:02 am