Kem Continues to ‘Share His Life’ Through His Timeless Music

Kem, a maestro of timeless melodies, continues to captivate audiences across generations with his soulful reflections on love and relationships. His performances of classics like “Love Calls,” “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” and “Share My Life” inspire audiences to sing along at every show.

Recently, Kem graced the stage at Yaamava Theater, which is located at Yaamava Resort & Casino in Highland, CA. This two-year-old Indian resort offers stunning mountain vistas, and delectable dining experiences at ‘The Pines Steakhouse’ which is a 5-star restaurant and casino entertainment, making it an ideal getaway destination. With a series of concerts featuring artists like Busta Rhymes and Ne-yo, Kem drew a packed house, adding his magic to the vibrant atmosphere.

Kem’s debut album, Kemistry, remains a timeless classic, known for both its captivating songs and the remarkable story behind its creation. Financing the album on an American Express credit card, Kem’s journey embodies perseverance and dedication, adding another layer of depth to the album’s enduring legacy.

Kem shares with EBONY “With the help of my pen manager Toya Hankins, and a host of believers in the Motor City in Detroit, it was just a Detroit hustle selling that CD literally out the trunk of my car. That record was a lifetime of dreaming a lifetime of trying to break into the industry. All of my efforts culminated with the Kemistry album.”

Kem. Image: Keith Major.

Kem’s journey during the creation of Kemistry was influenced by personal struggles with addiction and homelessness. The music became his beacon of hope, guiding him through dark times and serving as the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel—an ever-present reminder of the brighter future he was striving to attain.

He explains that his journey influenced his music today. “It wasn’t until I aligned my dreams with my faith and got around some people who knew how to navigate the problems that I was dealing with. They showed me how to live and I’m grateful for that. I don’t regret any of it. My music is formed by those experiences. Our lives are formed, not only by the good stuff that happens to us, but it’s informed by others by the dark times, and the challenges that we have to overcome, to make us who we are.”

After two decades in the music industry, Kem reflects on his ability to resonate with audiences across generations, creating music that transcends time and appeals to listeners from all walks of life. “I think that authenticity and transparency are things that keep my music resonating with folks over the generations and are and I appreciate that and collaborations with cats like Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, and Snoop those they don’t hurt. So I’m grateful for all the people that my music has been allowed to touch.”

I Can’t Stop Loving You” stands as a testament to Kem’s enduring legacy, delving into the repercussions of infidelity and its profound impact not only on himself but also on his entire family. Through his heartfelt lyrics, Kem explores the devastation caused by his actions, creating a timeless record that continues to resonate with listeners, capturing the complexities of love and loss. “The pain that I caused made me sit back for a minute and be reflective and I think “I Can’t Stop Loving You” is probably the biggest record outside of “Love Calls”, I think the songs that are the most authentic and the most transparent are the ones that resonate with people the most.”

In his memoir “Share My Life: A Journey of Love, Faith and Redemption” Kem delves into the overarching theme of self-overcoming, emphasizing the importance of moving past personal obstacles and overcoming inner darkness. “It’s trusting God to clean house and help others. Once you get to the other side of your pain, you have an obligation, responsibility, and privilege to help pull other people out. That’s the foundational mindset that went into writing.”

Updated: April 18, 2024 — 12:04 pm