Keke Palmer Speaks On Her Body In Steamy New Instagram Video

If you haven’t been online in the past week or so, Keke Palmer found herself in a lot of drama with her boyfriend Darius Jackson that social media got into a heavy (and ongoing) debate over. During Usher’s concert, he serenaded her, which prompted Jackson to criticize her revealing outfit for the show. Of course, with them unfollowing each other and a lot of discussion surrounding this spat, pretty much everything the actress and artist does is going to fall within that context. Still, it seems like she’s brushing it all off. Moreover, Palmer recently posted a video of herself strutting her stuff with audio of a song off her recent album, Big Boss.

“‘Don’t think idk what this body do,’” Keke Palmer captioned the post, a reference to the lyrics of the track that eerily (and maybe intentionally) match the current situation. “‘So good that you wanna hide me from the truth.’ Get into the new album #BigBoss.” Whatever your take is on Jackson’s issues, at least she’s not making things messier online. After all, that’s a very personal and tough conversation to have, especially considering that they recently welcomed a child into the world.

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Keke Palmer’s Suggestive New Instagram Post

Regardless, the media flooded the Internet with takes on Keke Palmer’s debacle, including Charlamagne Tha God. In fact, he painted Usher as the true villain to blame in this whole whirlwind. “The man walks around the residency scouting on a straight search and destroy mission,” he said on The Breakfast Club. “Looking for women to find so he can pull them out of the crowd, serenade them and destroy their household. We ain’t seen him serenade a single lady yet. All Usher gotta do is say ‘Where the single ladies at?’ And you can go serenade them. That man purposely serenaded Keke Palmer. That man purposely serenaded Saweetie knowing she out here with YG now.”

Meanwhile, the Nope star recently spoke out about her cover for The Cut with some words potentially addressing the subject. “I know the internet can be a cruel place, but for people like me that needed a place to go to escape the confining world around them, it can be beautiful,” she wrote. “I still choose to see the freedom it gave me as a child, as an entertainer and as a millennial. When used wisely, it can be a true gift.” With that in mind, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Keke Palmer.

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Updated: July 11, 2023 — 3:01 am