Keke Palmer & Darius Jackson Meet For Her Birthday, Hint At Their Relationship Status

Keke Palmer turned 30 years old today (August 26), and celebrated with some sultry online snaps amid many well-wishes online. However, it looks like she also met up to eat with her boyfriend (who we don’t know if is already her ex or not), Darius Jackson. If you haven’t heard the news by now, the two were the subject of much social media discussion after he criticized the entertainer’s outfit choice for an Usher residency concert. That prompted a lot of debate on social media and a lot of speculation on whether they’re still together, as they’ve said very little of the disagreement. Moreover, it looks like their link-up for Keke’s 30th might hold some answers.

Furthermore, Keke Palmer thanks Darius for doing something special for her on her birthday. At one point in their conversation, they spoke on Virgos, which led Jackson to say the following: “My mom’s a Virgo, my brother’s a Virgo, my best friend’s a Virgo, my grandma’s a Virgo, my…” Then, they looked at each other, seemingly puzzled as to how he should refer to the actress. “My partner in crime’s a Virgo,” he concluded while looking exasperatedly at the camera.

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Keke Palmer Celebrates 30th With Her (Ex?) Boo

In addition, he had a relatively dry message for the now 30-year-old. “Happy Birthday to a one of a kind being. Hoping your 30s bring you many joys and triumphs!” Darius Jackson expressed on social media. Of course, this and their demeanor in the Instagram Live clip has led many to believe that they are split up following all the drama, and many outlets reported this meet-up as such. Still, Jackson stated that a lot that’s been said about him online isn’t true, and other fans think that this was all a big publicity stunt and that they’re still together.

Darius Jackson’s Birthday Message

After all, Usher’s music video for “Boyfriend” literally features the Nope star and centers around a similar narrative to this one. Maybe this was all a ruse, or just a pretty complicated but still capitalized-upon moment. Either way, it seems like there’s still a lot to uncover and unpack in this couple turmoil, and that’ll be the case until someone officially speaks out. On that note, stay up to date on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson.

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Updated: August 27, 2023 — 3:02 am