Keke Palmer and Usher Capitalize Off of Viral Las Vegas Moment With New Song and Video

Don’t leave your girl ’round me, true player for real.” While many thought these were just lyrics to his 2001 hit song “U Don’t Have to Call”, Usher may have been predicting his future. Last month, social media went crazy after an incident when the multi-hyphenate Keke Palmer attended the singer’s Las Vegas residency show with friends. Now, the two are gearing up to release a song and video that seemingly plays into that viral moment.

If you haven’t heard the entire story, here’s a brief recap. During the concert, Usher approached Palmer and her friends and begin serenading the actress—something he often does with any VIPs that attend. Being the actress that she is, the “Akelah and the Bee” star played into the singer’s moment, hugging him around the neck as they slow danced to his song. Not long after the event, video of the moment began to make its way around the internet, and Darius Jackson—the father of Palmer’s infant son—publicly shared the video to his personal channel with a caption, “But you’re a mom, though.”

While many initially took his words as a joke—a play on a phrase that Keke Palmer often says in interviews—he doubled down on his stance with additional commentary about the moment with Usher, as well as the dress that his significant other was wearing. Of course, this sparked tons of dialogue and think pieces on double standards, what is and isn’t appropriate for women in relationships—or those who are new moms—and so much more.

Both Palmer and Usher never fully addressed the moment, although the actress did take a couple of indirect jabs at Jackson. But it looks like they’re now doing so in their own way. In true creative form, the “Lovers and Friends” singer released a teaser video for a new song called “Boyfriend” which stars Palmer. In the short clip, we hear a small snippet of a verse saying “I heard your boyfriend was looking for me.”

Once again, social media is up in arms, but this time praising Usher for using his creative genius to capitalize off of a viral moment, in a way that only he can. We’ll have to wait until August 16 to hear the full track, but we’re guessing it’s going to be good.

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Updated: August 15, 2023 — 12:02 pm