Kanye West Praises Nicki Minaj In Resurfaced Clip From 2015

Kanye West is a singular artist. No other rapper has been adamant about crediting others, then criticizing them later on. No rapper has revived so many careers, then went on derail his own. It’s a fascinating, very unpredictable story. West’s relationship with Nicki Minaj is a perfect encapsulation of these bizarre twists and turns. Minaj’s verse on West’s classic single “Monster” was a career-making turn, and West said as much during a resurfaced clip from 2015.

“One of the most memorable things about My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was Nicki Minaj,” he said during a lecture. “And the fact that she kicked my a*s on my song. On one of the best albums… the best album.” The latter comments drew laughter from the audience, but this is a stance West held for years. He repeatedly gave Minaj her flowers for penning the best verse on the song. The praise took on a more complicated strain in 2023, however. West and Minaj, who had seemingly been cool before then, got into an online beef over clearance issues. West wanted Minaj to clear her verse for the song “New Body,” and she refused.

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Kanye West Claims He Made Minaj Rewrite Her Verse

Kanye West responded by bringing up the “Monster” verse. “I made that girl rewrite her verse 3 times for ‘Monster,’” he claimed. “I supported her career. So I don’t know what it is.” The rapper did not attempt to hide his frustration with Minaj, either. He posted a screenshot of their text conversation on social media for the world to see. Presumably, in the hopes of bullying Nicki Minaj into clearing her vocals. She did not bend, however. The Young Money icon stuck by her guns, and “New Body” never saw an official release.

Nicki Minaj, did, however, explain why she didn’t want “New Body” cleared. She addressed the matter on Instagram Live, and chalked the controversy over the song to it being multiple years old. “Now regarding Kanye, that train has left the station,” she asserted. “No disrespect in any way, I just put out a brand new album. Why would I put out a song that’s been out for three years?” The song remains a cult favorite in its unreleased form.

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