JT And Ken Barbie Get Into War Of Words On Twitter

JT isn’t afraid to start beef with anyone. Just a few weeks after a viral shouting match at the BET Awards she’s celebrating the release of her new single by getting into it on Twitter again. This time, however, it’s clear that she didn’t start it. Blogger Ken Barbie took shots comparing her to Ice Spice, who they believe has surpassed her. “Somebody better tell JT Ice Spice already brought her ‘Princess’ collar,” Ken’s tweet read. Clearly, that upset the City Girls rapper who fired back with a tweet of her own. “Non black ppl once again using terms to insinuate that black women are Dogs.” That response led to a number of back-and-forth posts over the next few hours. Ultimately after threats of an in-person fight, things began to slow down and cool off.

Fans in the comments of a post recapping the exchange seemed to favor JT’s side. “Why is it always grown a*s man speaking on women?” one fan says. Another agrees, citing previous issues Nicki Minaj has had with critiques from men online. “nicki was right, sending grown men to attack women is just bonkers.”

JT Goes At Ken Barbie On Twitter


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It’s the second time recently that JT got attention for getting heated with someone. A video of her in a shouting match with partner Lil Uzi Vert at the BET Awards went viral following the event. Many fans quickly blamed Ice Spice, or rather the fact that Lil Uzi shouted out Ice Spice during their performance. After fans got their hand on the video everyone involved was quick to cool things off. Everyone agreed that the intensity had more to do with seats being taken throughout the show than anything Lil Uzi said during their performance.

Just a few days ago JT released her debut solo single “No Bars.” Subsequently, the song became a quick fan favorite and got a shoutout from Nicki Minaj following its release. It follows a trip of new City Girls songs released earlier this year. What do you think of JT and Ken Barbie’s Twitter beef? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Updated: July 18, 2023 — 3:01 am