Joe Budden Thinks Future & Metro Boomin Will Sabotage OVO Fest

Joe Budden is always looking for an angle. He’s been chronicling the feud between Drake, Future and Metro Boomin on his podcast, and he thinks the next chess moves will be made on the road. The former rapper theorized that Future and Metro Boomin will purposely schedule their tour in an effort to ruin the attendance for Drake’s upcoming OVO fest in Toronto. He went as far as to say that the duo will enlist the help of another Canadian superstar, The Weeknd, to drive the point home.

Budden noticed that Future and Metro’s Toronto date may line up with the same weekend as OVO Fest. If true, he’s confident Drake will push the date back. “If The Weeknd comes out on that Future tour stop,” he noted. “I have Drake moving that weekend. He’s moving the weekend.” The rest of the podcast panel hated Budden’s theory. Regardless, he stood his ground. “This wouldn’t be the first time he moved OVO fest,” he added. “I don’t think there’s any shame in that when you spend as much money and as much manpower to put this weekend together.”

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Joe Budden Thinks Drake Will Push Back OVO Fest

Joe Budden insisted that The Weeknd was the key artist in this game of concert chicken. He believes if the “Starboy” singer shows up to the Future show, it will take the wind out of Drake’s sails. His rationale is that Weeknd is a bigger artist. “I would think that the second day of OVO Fest has a greater turnout the day there’s not a Future show,” he posited. “Cuse that’s a weekend. That’s a whole weekend.”

The feud between these artists is not letting up. Firstly, Future and Metro dropped the “Like That” remix with more Drake disses. Secondly, The Weeknd crooned a few disses on the duo’s song “All to Myself.” Future also guested on Nardo Wick’s “Back to Back,” which saw him mock Drake using his own song titles. It’s safe to assume these artists will be performing their diss records in Toronto. If Drake does decided to move forward with OVO fest the same weekend, however, fans will be forced to pick sides. Things could get messy. To use Joe Budden’s own words: “let’s see.”

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Updated: April 27, 2024 — 3:01 am