It’s Brandy Season with Her First Christmas Album

Brandy has solidified her status as a true musical powerhouse, earning numerous accolades and the title of “vocal bible.” Brandy is set to captivate audiences again with the release of her highly anticipated first Christmas album, Christmas with Brandy.

Known for her soulful voice, she has consistently delivered exceptional performances throughout her career. With this latest endeavor, she embraces the festive spirit and showcases her renditions of beloved holiday classics and a few original songs like her single “Christmas for Two.”

Brandy’s upcoming album, a highly anticipated release following her 2020 album B7, marks her debut as a signed artist with the legendary Motown Records. We also look forward to seeing her in the upcoming Netflix movie Best. Christmas. Ever! Further adding to her list of accomplishments, it was recently announced that she will bless the stage at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year.

Brandy joins EBONY to discuss her highly anticipated Christmas album and her thoughts on today’s R&B music.

EBONY: What was the inspiration behind creating your first Christmas album, considering the anticipation and excitement from your fans?

Brandy Norwood: Thank you. My fans have always been so supportive; just giving them something they wanted for a long time is like the inspiration behind everything. I had a great time recording it and working with great producers and great writers. So it was a great experience.

Image: courtesy of Motown records.

Can you share any personal connections or memories that influenced the creation of specific songs on the album?

The album is full of classics and originals. We wanted to give something for everybody. The first single is about love and the first song on the album is about heartbreak. People go through things during the holiday. We wanted to touch on everything and make sure we got everybody in there with the whole Motown nostalgia feeling. I hope everybody likes it.

Can fans expect any music videos to follow up with the release?

They can, I promise. A Christmas Party for Two, of course. That’s my jam right now. I love listening to it. Sebastian Cole and Nephew were great people to work with.

What was the experience of recording a song with your daughter Sy’rai and being in the studio together for this album?

Our bond is so great we’re inseparable. It’s just great to work with her, to see her come into her own as an artist and to share music with her. It’s such a blessing to do. Our song on the album is called a “Christmas Gift,” and she’s the greatest gift that God has ever given me. So I’m just blessed to share music with her and to be able to share her with the world is great.

“Yes, I can’t wait to see what everybody feels and if it really gets them in the spirit of the holidays.”


The album was first called A Brandy Christmas. What made you change the title?

Different people on your team have opinions and you try to make sure everybody’s opinion gets in there. We had a toss-up between A Brandy Christmas and Christmas with Brandy. I like Christmas with Brandy. It has a ring to it.

Image: courtesy of Motown Records.

Being the “Vocal Bible,” What are your thoughts on conversations about today’s R&B being dead and the number of new artists out today?

Well, I think R&B has staying power. I think as long as true artists stay true to it, continuing to be inspired by music from back in the day and just people you looked up to, just keeping that spirit alive. That’s what we have to do as artists. I’m so glad to have an album that sounds like R&B music, and it’s still celebrating Christmas.

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Updated: November 10, 2023 — 3:02 pm