Irv Gotti Explains Why The Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule Collab Album Never Happened

One of the hip-hop urban legends is a major collaborative project between Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule when the trio were all near their peak. After decades of speculation on the album and what prevented it from ever seeing the light of day. Now Irv Gotti, who has often been able to explain the facts behind various hip-hop stories is once again clarifying. During an episode of Drink Champs he explained that Jay was the one who kept things from moving forward.

He explained why doing the album didn’t make much sense for him at the time. “Do I want to make a whole album with these n*ggas coming at me? And if I’m Jay-Z, there’s a slight chance that, what is n*ggas gonna say I’m not the nicest n*gga?” Fans in the comments were surprised to hear about that concern coming from Hov. “Jay smoked them niggas on everything he on with them even both murdagrams ‼” one of the top comments reads. “ay Z is and was a 10x better RAPPER than DMX and Ja Rule , they just had better energy if we being honest , as a lyricist jay wasn’t afraid of nothing,” agrees another.

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Jay-Z Held Back DMX Ja Rule Collab Album

Other fans in the comments just flat out didn’t believe Irv Gotti. “ut Jay did Reservoir Dogs with a line up of killers !!! Naw Jay wasn’t scared of X or Ja, he just didn’t wanna do it … end of story,” one comment suggests. “Maybe DMX I Doubt He cared about Ja Rule lol,” another agrees.

Earlier this week Jay made a brand new Instagram account. He did so in order to promote a movie that he executive producer by sharing a video of the film’s trailer. The movie is called The Book Of Clarence and drops early next year. What do you think of Jay-Z worrying about being out-rapped by DMX and Ja Rule? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Updated: August 31, 2023 — 3:02 am