Forever 21 and Bunny’s Bae Bar Sparkled at Rolling Loud Miami

This past weekend during Rolling Loud Miami, fast fashion brand Forever21—a brand many of grew up shopping—and beauty Guru Bunny Zingler’s Bunny Bae Bar hosted one of the event’s dopest activations. 

Zingler, who is obsessed with all things glitter, sparkle, fashion and beauty, is a 90s kid who will always use the era as a reference. If you were born in the 90s and grow up in the early 2000s, you’ve certainly seen the world change. You’ve seen cell phones go from that outdated green screen to being in full color with added camera capabilities. You’ve also seen the internet go from dial up to DSL and even Fiber. We honestly don’t know how we actually managed to survive back in those days. The fashion and beauty trends were pushed by celebrities, and for Zingler, she looked to artists like Aaliyah and Gwen Stephani for inspiration. 

So, when a brand like Forever 21 contacted her for a collaboration, she couldn’t help but jump for joy. Zingler was a huge fan and supporter of the brand in her teenage years, so it was an instant yes. Collaborating with any company you feel passionate about will always beat out just taking on a partnership for the money.

For her capsule, she designed a line of now sold out graphic tee’s, camo skirts and a fire bomber jacket.

“I’m so excited to bring our second Forever 21 x Rolling Loud collection home to Miami,” Bunny Zingler, Founder & Creator of Bunny’s Bae Bar says. “As Rolling Loud’s original and flagship festival, I know how our Miami fans turn out their looks, so we wanted to pay homage to the city—keeping it bright and fun, while still being able to keep cool in the heat! I hope this collection will continue to inspire others to be bold, have fun and express themselves through fashion.”

The onsite activation included clothing and accessories from the Rolling Loud merch capsule collaboration, and a beauty bar where guests could get their hair and make-up done festival style. From neon French braids, peel-on tattoos and lots of sparkles, attendees got the full Bunny Bae Bar experience. This is the second Rolling Loud activation this year, and we definitely think the Miami crowd showed out better than LA. 

Below, check out some of the photos from the Forever 21 x Bunny’s Bae Bar activation at Rolling Loud Miami. 

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Updated: July 26, 2023 — 6:01 pm