Footage Of BossTop Asking If King Von Is Okay On The Night Of His Murder Leaks

Even nearly 3 years after his murder new pieces of evidence still emerge regarding King Von’s death. Today, No Jumper acquired police body cam footage of O’Block member BossTop being arrested the night of Von’s murder. In the footage, multiple officers are seen arresting BossTop, but that isn’t what most fans focused on. The part that’s catching a lot of attention is him asking “Is Von good?” while he’s being arrested. As one fan pointed out in the comments, BossTop really should have known better. “N*gga watched Von get dunked on and ran then is gonna ask if he good,” the comment reads.

Elsewhere in the comments, fans discussed someone who often comes up in King Von-related stories, Lil Durk. “Durk ain’t Slid for von button,” reads one of the top comments on the post. It’s in reference to Durk’s lack of response for Von’s murder in the three years since it happened. “A nobody care more about Von then Durk😭and they were cousins and Durk still ain’t slide yet,” reads another comment. But not everyone is in perfect agreement. A different comment suggests that “Y’all trolling say durk need to slide for von when u wouldn’t even slide for yourself.”

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New Video From The Night Of King Von’s Murder

Recently King Von’s name emerged as a part of the YNW Melly double murder trial. O’Block J Hood explained that Von once told him that Melly was in fact guilty, a statement he was largely condemned for as the trial is obviously still ongoing.

Other footage that emerged of King Von last month had fans asking questions as well. In the clip, he tells police officers that he’s gay in order to get placed in protective custody. Associates of Von have come out since that video dropped to explain his actions. What do you think of the new video emerging of BossTop on the night of King Von’s murder? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Updated: August 16, 2023 — 3:01 am